Monday – 10/25/2021

Trails Notice how covered the ground is.

Like I said, I have given up on the waking up early. We did our usual thing in the morning, walking around for a bit, coming back for breakfast before settling in front of the computer to write this blog and work on new photos.

I walked over to the office and chatted with the owner and we have arranged that we will stay here at least through November 21st maybe even to the end of the month. I have to be back in Austin at Henly RV Park for December as I have several medical appointments and some business to take care of. It will probably mean that I will have to change sites but he will let me know. Not a big deal as it is easy to set up although I do like this site as I am the only one here through the week. There is a lot to be said for not having neighbors close by or in some parks, right on top of you. I have a neighbor about fifty yards away who like to play his music really loud and I can hear it inside of my RV. I worry that I have the sound too high on the TV as one of the shows that I watch has soft vocals and loud music and I am constantly trying to control the volume.

I decided that I needed to do laundry giving us the opportunity to try out the machines in the laundry room. There are only two washers and two driers so I kept an eye out to watch the comings and goings and then when I thought it might be empty, took a chance and wandered over. It is only a hundred yards from Miss Daisy and in full view. Both the washer and the drier are on a forty minute cycle so after putting in the wash, me and the dogs filled the time by hitting the trails. This time, we met another man and his dog and we stopped to talk for a bit while Sandy made friends and Mikey cowered behind me. Mikey is all bark but when it comes to the actual confrontation, is a big chicken and ends up hiding.. So, instead of protecting me, I have to protect him? Something wrong with this picture. I put the dogs back in Miss Daisy and transferred the clothes into the drier and then came back to take the dogs for a second walk which of course to them was like being in heaven. We came back in time for me to put them back in Miss Daisy so that I could take the clothes out of the dryer and fold them before heading back to the RV to sit outside on the wicker couch. It got dark as I sat there listening to an Audiobook so we went back inside for the evening meal.

As usual, we watched television whilst eating our food and one of my favorite teams, Manchester United, was playing against one of their bitter rivals, Liverpool. My team lost very decisively by a score of 5-0 much to my disgust. Oh well, that is what sport is all about. You win some and lose some just like life.

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