Tuesday – 10/26/2021

The Office Building

We had our usual late start and took a short walk as it was coming on to rain although by the time we got back to Miss Daisy, it had stopped. We did our usual breakfast thing and sat and read e-mails before writing in this blog. I spent a couple of hours of writing and working on photos that I have taken before deciding that I need to go into Coldspring as we are getting low on groceries. I took the dogs for a short walk just in case before jumping into the Jeep for the twelve mile trip.

On the way, I passed a dog sitting in the grass so at the first opportunity, I turned back to see if it was OK. There was quite a bit of traffic on the road and as I pulled up onto the very wide grassy berm to see if I could get the dog to come to me but it started moving quickly away. Not wanting to frighten it onto the busy road, I had no choice but to leave it and hope that it was a local dog and not just dumped there. It had on a collar and did not look malnourished.

I continued on into Coldspring to the one big supermarket that was there. Brookshire Brothers and walked around doing my shopping. It is not a very big store compared to HEB and such but it had everything that I wanted at a reasonable price. Interestingly enough, just like the last time, very few of the shoppers had on masks. Neither did the staff. I wore mine as there is no sense in taking a chance for a small discomfort. My biggest problem is that it fogs up my glasses and as I had on sunglasses and had forgotten to bring in my regular ones, it was a bit of a pain trying to read the labels.

The drive back was uneventful and I did not see the dog anywhere so hopefully it had made its way back home. My GPS system kept wanting to take me down unpaved roads one of which ended in a dead end but I did locate the entrance to the Lake Livingstone State Park so I will definitely be taking a trip there in the future. Not wanting to drive any further, I turned back to the Rock’n E to be greeted by two very excited little dogs.

After putting the groceries away, we went out for our afternoon walk and this time we hiked the last bit of the long loop and altogether for the day, I covered 1.4 miles, the dogs a little less as they had not made the shopping trip. The days are quiet and peaceful and the few people that I run into here at the park are always cheerful and talkative. It’s a great place just to relax not that I have much else to do nowadays. Compared to the last park I was at, this one is virtually full mostly with long term campers except for the five slots, one of which I am in which are kept for the weekenders. It is not as big and maybe that accounts for it being full.

We sat outside listening to an audiobook before going back inside for the evening meal and to watch television.

Written 10/27/2021 – read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com