Wednesday – 10/27/2021

Mikey ready to go. He has Sandy’s harness on by mistake. Pink suits him.

I was awoken by the sound of very heavy rain with thunder in the background and just rolled over and went back to sleep. To me, it didn’t make much sense to get up as I couldn’t take the dogs out and by staying in bed, I thought maybe they would be more comfortable with me and forget about having to “go”. In the end, I was the one answering the call of Nature and had to make the move. I thought about it some more and decided to open the awning which would give us some shelter if we went out. This worked for Mikey but Sandy just stood there and looked at me as if to say, “What do you think you are playing at because it isn’t going to work”. So we came back inside as it was still raining and I made breakfast for us all and then settled down into my usual routine keeping a very close eye on both of the dogs, just in case things might get desperate.

When it finally stopped raining, I harnessed them up and we walked around the park. There was no one about except by the office where several people were gathered and chatting to pass the time whilst waiting for their laundry to do it’s thing. I stopped to talk to the Super because I had spotted an open site that I might like but unfortunately, it was already taken so I headed back to Miss Daisy to continue writing. As is generally the case, the writing and working on the pictures usually takes me until about 3:30 or so and depending on if we want a short or long walk, we usually set out between 4:00 and 5:00. Today, with the overcast skies it was already getting dark at 6:30 pm, the time we got back. I noticed that today was also a lot chillier than previously so I guess, Fall is really with us. We finally covered 1.2 miles and so far this week have walked a little over 10 miles. Not quite like when I was seriously hiking but enough to hopefully help keep both me and the dogs alive for a bit longer.

Sandy after her walk. Notice the Dachshund throw made by my friend B.J.

The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion except that we didn’t sit on the wicker couch as it was a little cool. Back indoors, I prepared food for us all and then we settled down in front of the television to watch a Premier League football game before hitting the sack. I heard the heater come on a couple of times in the night so it definitely cooling down.

Thursday – 10/28/2021

Today was very windy and a little cool as we walked around the park. I noticed another camper hooking up his rig getting ready to pull out. He was the one with the three little dogs who he let roam all over the place. The Super told me that he has spoken to the man 4-5 times about it and whether he had enough and told him to leave, I don’t know. I didn’t get the chance to talk to him about his next stop. We only took a short walk enough for the dogs to do their thing and for me to clear the cobwebs before heading back to Miss Daisy. It was time to empty the tanks again, part of our routine chores and all it takes is opening up a couple of valves, waiting for everything to finish flowing and close them again. I don’t rely on the electronic sensors to tell me when the grey tank needs emptying as when the shower drain stops flowing and starts to fill the shower base, this tells me that it’s time. BTW, those sensors have never worked properly and this is a brand new RV, always showing that the tanks are full even after they have just been emptied. This is a constant battle in all RV’s in trying to keep the sensors clean. Most of us don’t even rely on them and use other visual signs like the one mentioned above.

I sat down in front of the computer and read a long email from my friend, B.J. who had just returned from her trip to Maine. She had accompanied her Daughter who is a Digital Editor for a Travel Planning Service and was researching luxury hotels and things to do for those with money to burn and who are looking for exotic getaways. Nice to see how the rich and wealthy spend their time because, most of us will only ever read about such luxury and never get to enjoy it. The difference between the Have’s and the Have Not’s. Below are the two pictures she sent me of the Moose Spotting Trip. I have posted them before but they are worth a second look.

I was gong to take a trip to Livingstone State Park but it was so windy out that I decided to do it another day and settled for a walk in the woods instead. There is something about the sound of the wind. It is kind off mesmerizing in it’s own way, soothing and peaceful. I could feel myself wanting to doze off as I listened to it. Then the RV rocked in an extra strong gust which awoke me from my reverie.

I watched as Class A pulled in towing a covered trailer. It was preceded by a lady, presumably the wife, in a car which pulled up at the Office. A short time later, the Super came out and jumped into his 4 wheeler to direct them to their site, a couple of rows over from me.

We went out for the afternoon walk and this time we walked the trails for about a mile. Didn’t see anything of note but the trails are easy to walk and in the shade although with the weather cooling down, that is not so much of a factor. In fact, it won’t be long before I will need to find a jacket. I pulled down the InstaPot with an idea to cook a stew but could not find the lead chord to plug it in. Good job I found this out before I had loaded the pot. So, I postponed that idea until I can locate the darn thing.

The day ended in the usual way, feeding the dogs and then me and watching television.

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