Sunday – 10/30/2021

Sun shining on the trees.

Another “normal” late rising day but what the heck, it’s Sunday, right?
We did our usual half mile walk around the park just to be nosy and see what is going on. The Class A people have pulled out and couple of others including my new neighbors are getting ready to leave. I knew that they were just here for the weekend and they appear to have really enjoyed themselves. Good luck to them in their future lives and I hope they have a lot more camping experiences. Another camper has changed sites for whatever reasons but I think because he has just bought a large dog pen and where he has moved to it is not quite as noticeable. So far, I have been able to stay here in site B24 but that is going to change pretty soon as the site I am in is really for weekenders. I have now been allotted site A14 which I will move into some time this coming week. I saw a little Chihuahua roaming the park but he wouldn’t come to me. He probably belongs to somebody here and is just exploring. Hope the Super doesn’t see him as he frowns on loose dogs.

After breakfast, I did my usual thing of writing and working on pictures I’ve managed to take some good ones but the trail pics all look pretty much alike. I combined writing with doing laundry as I am less than 100 yards from the Laundry room and can see it from where I sit. Actually, that is how I knew it was empty and that no one was using it. After putting in the laundry and dumping the trash which is right next door, I walked back to Miss Daisy to write some more until it was time for the drier which took just a short walk over. Another camper came in with his two year old son who looked a handful. We chatted for a bit before I went back to wait for the drier to do it’s thing. I stopped and talked to a lady with a cat in a carrier case and she told me she has just moved sites and she was bringing the cat over. Interesting what goes on around here. With the laundry folded and put away for another week, I finished the last blog and started on this one. I thought about going grocery shopping but decided against it and will probably do that tomorrow. I can find something to eat and as long as the dogs have their food available, we can get by. Apparently, there is a Walmart in Livingstone and all I have to do is find it.

We went for our afternoon walk and hiked one of the trails eventually covering a little over a mile for the day. I found a few more whimsies along the way which always make me chuckle. Someone has a wonderful sense of humor. I think we have walked all of the trails available to us now, some more than once. The scenery is only a part of the enjoyment though as the exercise and being out with the dogs is worth so much more. Before hitting the trail, we walked around the park and stopped to chat with the lady with the cat. They are the ones who have just moved their RV from one spot to a different one and are now two rows over and in the same row that I will be moving into. Their RV is an old one that they have renovated and are still working on it. It is a 1995 model and looks to be in pretty good shape. The wife has an accent and it turns out she is from Russia.

We ended the day in the usual way only this time, my other favorite team, Brighton and Hove Albion that my Great, Great Grandson plays on, managed to tie 2-2 with the same team, Liverpool, that beat my other favorite team, Man U 5-1 last week. Such are the highs and lows of sport.

Monday 11/01/2021


We went for our morning walk and while out there, checked out our new site which we will move into tomorrow. When we move, it will fill that row up completely and all of them are either permanent or longer than a week. This park has very few openings and I counted five when I walked around this morning and since then, one of them has filled as another camper pulled in today. Business is good. The first walk of the day was uneventful with not a lot going on to talk about. I suppose that some people have jobs and go to work but there are a lot that don’t. Probably retired like me. It is quiet and peaceful which I absolutely love as I have had all of the excitement that I need in my lifetime.

I decided to go into Livingstone to the Walmart’s there as it was time to stock up on groceries. It was a great drive and I passed Lake Livingstone and got a glimpse of the dam which only reminded me that we need to take another trip just to view it up close. I also passed the entrance to Lake Livingstone State Park, another one to get to in the future now that I have decided to stay here through the end of November before heading back to Henly. The Super made me an offer I couldn’t refuse which is one reason I have decided to stay. That and the fact this is a very nice park with lots of wonderful scenery and some really nice trails to walk. The countryside around here is beautiful with lots grassland and tall pine trees. Everything is green. Another plus is the absence of traffic compared to Austin or come to that, any big city.

As I drove into Livingstone, I was surprised how built up it was with large stores of every description lining both sides of the street but when I looked it up, it has a population 512,000 so it not a small city by any means. My GPS directed me to the Walmart’s which turned out to be one of the Supercenters and was humongous. Just for the heck of it, I checked my step counter on my phone and when I came out, I had covered a little over a mile inside of the store just walking the aisles. Great place to work out. As I hoped, their RV section had all of the things that I wanted and a couple more that I could not resist in buying. A classic case of “gotta have one of those”. I was able to stock up on all of the groceries that I needed. As I was leaving, I spotted a hairdressers shop within the store so I parked my cart full of groceries and sat down in the chair and a very nice young lady gave me a short back and sides. She did a good job and the price was right too at $15.00 much cheaper than my Austin hairdressers. Feeling very pleased with myself that I had not only completed the shopping but had also got a haircut and when I thought it couldn’t get any better, when I came out of Walmart’s, there was a Starbucks right next door putting me in seventh heaven as I haven’t had a latte since being at this park. It sure tasted good.

The drive home was uneventful although my GPS took me a different way which was OK by me as I got to see more of the countryside. I was greeted at the door by two little and very excited dogs with Sandy just begging to go walkies. I calmed them down enough to put the groceries away and then we walked around the park for a bit before heading back for our usual evening routine. Altogether, I covered 2.6 miles for the day, a lot of it in Walmart’s.

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