Thursday 11/4/2021

Rainy Day and the view from the window.

It had left off raining when we got up which was even later than usual and around 10:45 am. I just didn’t even wake up before then and immediately jumped out of bed to get the dogs outside as quickly as possible as with the short walks yesterday and the late start, I knew they had to be “crossing their legs”. We walked around the park but except for yesterdays arrivals, nothing much has changed. I greeted the new arrivals as I walked by and commented on his nice setup. He seemed cheerful enough this morning as opposed to yesterday. The rain had not damaged our site in any way and after brushing off the mats, everything looked shipshape again.

Back indoors, we went through the usual breakfast routine and then I settled down in front of the computer to continue writing. Nowadays, I probably spend a quarter of my waking hours writing or working on the photos that I take. Actually, that is a good thing as it keeps my brain active and the walks are a good physical activity to keep me healthy. I could say fit and healthy but compared to years gone by when I was constantly working out, I am in sorry shape. Once where there was nothing but muscle, there is an unsightly mess. Age tends to do that to you plus the mind is always nagging around saying things like, “Let’s not do that today” or “We can do that some other time” and the worst of all, “No one will ever know”.

We went out for the afternoon walk and stayed around the park. After all of the rain, I figured that the trails are probably a bit wet and muddy and I didn’t want the hassle of washing off the dogs feet. Even so, we covered a mile and a half. stopping to chat to whoever is out and about even if it only to say “hello”. One lady was carrying a broom and dustpan and told me she loves to clean. Better lady than me although Miss Daisy does not have very much floor space to even get dirty. The worst thing I have to deal with is Mikey’s black hair that he sheds all over the place. Luckily, my Ryobi hand vac makes short work of it. Oh yes, the primary rule is, no outside shoes can be worn inside Miss Daisy unless I stay on the outside mats then it’s OK.

The internet reception was really poor probably because of the stormy weather but we were able to watch a game on my laptop before finally going to bed.

Friday 11/5/2021

45ft of RV

We got up at the usual late time and much to my surprise, our new neighbor with the extremely large RV had already left so I guess we were just a stop over on a longer journey. If I was younger, I probably would drive a lot more especially as now it is so much easier with Miss Daisy but somehow, nowadays, I prefer to stay at least a week and longer if I like a campground. Besides, I have nowhere that I need to be except back to Henly for December and January. That has nothing to do with the campground, it’s just that I have set up a couple of Doctor’s appointments and the dogs need their shots so I have packed everything into those two months before heading off again.

We did our usual walking thing around the park before adjourning back for breakfast and coffee and covered almost three quarters of a mile. It was a nice sunny day with the clouds and rain all moved on although I was glad of the light jacket that I wore. I stopped to chat to the park employee that was tidying up the mess that the wheels of the large RV had left. Unfortunately, I don’t think that that driver/owner was very experienced in handling a large rig as from what I could see, he hadn’t made any allowances for the length and the subsequent off-track that the large vehicle created. There is a very definite skill to driving something as big as a semi tractor trailer that articulates at the fifth wheel. Things don’t follow along behind quite the same and because of the length, require a much larger turning space. I hope that this other guy learns as he goes or he will be in an accident by cutting someone else off with his back end. I am somewhat amazed and at the same time very grateful, that the laws governing the towing of an RV especially the very big ones are so lax when it comes to a drivers license. You need a Class C license here in Texas to drive a Tractor Trailer and yet you don’t to drive an RV of equal size and length for a rig like the one we are talking about. I drove a Tractor trailer back in New York mostly in the winter and I went to school to learn how to drive one. I let the license lapse when I moved to Texas as my work then headed in a different direction. Wish I had kept it though.

Another Class A moved in today again into my old site. They had no trouble parking that one but it is not quite as big as the one above. The owners parked and immediately jumped into their tow vehicle and took off. Probably grocery shopping. The weather is definitely cooling off and requires a light jacket on our walks. I hope that we don’t get a winter like we had early this year. There are several kitties that belong to a couple of different owners that go out for walks now and then. Even if there are a couple of them, they never walk around together, nearly always alone. Strange animals, cats. Very independent. Now dogs are a whole different story and are definitely pack animals. Besides dogs need humans, cat’s, not so much.

We went out for our afternoon walk and managed to cover almost a mile and a half just walking around the park. Not a lot going on except that another RV pulled into the slot next to my old slot. This one was a Class B and a very neat looking RV. It is small enough that if doesn’t require a tow vehicle as it can be parked in a shopping center with no problem. Makes it real easy to go shopping as the need arises. With all of the excitement over for the day, we went through our usual evening routine of food for us all followed by watching a game on the TV. The reception was really poor even on my laptop and it kept going in and out. I mumbled a lot under my breath and sometimes out loud but stuck it out before heading off to bed.

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