Monday 11/08/2021

Nature’s Archway

I woke up at 9:00 am and lay there for a bit thinking about the previous night when we had all woken up with it being too warm in Miss Daisy. I remembered that I had turned the thermostat up last evening and had forgotten to turn it back to around 72 degrees, our usual night time setting. Sandy, in the meantime had gotten too hot and I found her in her dog basket on the floor of the RV. Then I also remembered that yesterday it was 10:00 am at this same time and that probably, the dogs interior clocks had not yet adjusted. I crawled out somewhat reluctantly and showered before heading out of the door for the first walk of the day. We covered a bit under a half mile for the walk around the park meeting a couple of our tethered doggy friends along the way with mutual barking from both sides. Back in Miss Daisy and after breakfast, I cleaned up a bit although that doesn’t take too long by my standards. Not sure if it would satisfy a consciences housewife though as my version of clean is a quick pass over with a dust cloth, vacuum the floor and put things out of sight in the cabinets where usually, I can never remember where I put the stuff when I need it and have to go searching for whatever it is. As the RV is so small with not a great deal of cabinet and drawer space to lose things in, they eventually reappear.

With breakfast out of the way, I settled down to write. I realized that I had already written a couple of short poems that needed posting so decided that I should start posting on Saturdays and that will be Poetry Day. I am a bit late making this announcement as I went backwards with the posting and three Saturday’s worth of poems have already been posted. Better late than never, as it is, I am posted through the end of November with the regular blogs and most of them cover two days at a time.

It was time to go grocery shopping at Walmart’s in Livingstone, a short trip of about 12 miles with absolutely beautiful scenery on the drive. I passed Livingstone Dam but could only get a glimpse as there was nowhere to pull off the road. I am going to visit that State Park, hopefully this week but definitely before we leave here. We do have a little time yet. Like I said before, this Walmart store is huge and had almost everything that I wanted. The exception was a skin cream that contains a sunblock and for some reason, out of the many brands they carried, I could not find what I wanted. While I was at the register, the lady behind me had a whole cartful of green apples and I had to ask her why so many. Something to do with Green Apple Day at the school. I got everything else on my list and rewarded myself with a Grande Latte from the Starbucks next door. Another good reason to go grocery shopping. The drive back was uneventful and again, very pleasant except for some object that I managed to run over not seeing it until the last minute. Hopefully, the Jeep has not sustained any damage.

The dogs were overjoyed at my return and it was already getting dark so I put away only the groceries that needed to go into the freezer, left the rest in the bags inside of Miss Daisy and we set off around the park. Altogether, we covered 2.3 miles for the day, 1.2 of that was me walking around Walmart’s. On the way, Sandy made friends with a very young puppy who was just a month old according to his Mom. Mikey, not so much but at least he didn’t try to eat it. Mikey is a funny little dog and is as timid as they come and then all of a sudden, he lunges at whatever is in front of him. I don’t know what would happen if he actually made contact but I suspect that he would chicken out again as he usually does. We put the rest of the groceries away and then I fed the dogs and settled down to finish this blog before feeding myself and watching the television for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday 11/09/2021

The Beauty of Nature

We managed to get up around 9:00 am which is not surprising as my on board clock still is working an hour ahead having not yet adjusted to the change. We went for a stroll around the park and met a couple of other dogs and their owners. Not very many people about and we only walked for about a half mile before heading back to Miss Daisy for breakfast. I talked to the Super who happened to be driving by and asked him about the one Tiny House that he has located here. He told me that he rents it out and when I asked, replied that he is glad he only has one as it doesn’t get used that much. Interesting. I tidied up Miss Daisy before settling down to write and work on the couple of pictures I took yesterday on the trail. Apart from the skull that I showed in a previous blog, I also found another whimsy.

Not sure what it is other than a decoration.

We spent a couple of hours working on this blog and on a few pictures that I had taken before heading out for our afternoon walk. We have had to re-adjust our timing a little bit now that the clocks have changed and get out a bit earlier as their is no reason to walk in the dark. It is taking a little bit of getting used to as it getting dark so early. I stopped to talk to Ron, the camper on my left who has the two little Chihuahuas and another small dog of uncertain breed. He told me that one of his dogs is now probably pregnant as she was jumped by the other Chihuahua. I don’t know why he hasn’t got them spayed as he doesn’t need more dogs. Now he has another problem to deal with, or will have soon. Maybe, he can’t afford to have them “fixed”. We met several people on our walk around and stopped to chat with a couple of them before continuing on back to Miss Daisy where we went about preparing the evening meal and then watched the television before retiring around 11:00 pm.

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