Written 11/16/2021

This is a view through the trees.

Another day in heaven. I woke up early for me and crawled out ready to face another hard day of doing nothing. We went for our usual morning walk around the park and Sandy renewed her acquaintance with the Schnauzer who seems a very friendly fellow indeed. There was not much going on to talk about and we only did the single lap around the park before returning to Miss Daisy. As per usual, it was coffee and breakfast for me and breakfast only for the dogs before we settled down to do our writing. It was another beautiful sunny day and the high was forecast to be around 75 degrees, very pleasant indeed. I worked on the previous blog and then started this one and happened to glance at the clock. To my surprise, it was already 3:00 pm and I have no idea where the time has gone.

I decided that we had sat around way too long so we went for the afternoon walk. This time, I headed straight for the trails and we walked several of them before returning back to Miss Daisy. We covered 2.2 miles for the day and it had warmed up enough that I actually broke into a sweat and had to change clothes when I got back. This in November. Go figure.

I spent some time talking to a different neighbor and again, the conversation turned to life in England and how the cops are now dressed in Bullet proof vests as opposed to the old fashioned Bobby with his nightstick. For some reason, my neighbors seem to think that England has turned into a gun toting lawless country. I couldn’t get him to understand that only criminals have handguns as the average citizen cannot legally posses one without a permit which are very hard to come by. Shotguns are different but they too have to be registered. I have no idea what channel these people watch to get their crazy ideas. And why do they want to put their opinions of England to me? Why can’t we talk about how nice the weather is or something like? After all, it’s not like I have been there in a while!

This is what the pine needles do to anything underneath the trees.

We finished the day in the usual way with dinner and television accompanied by a nice glass of white wine.


A missing branch?

Up late as usual and then a quick walk around the park before returning for breakfast and coffee followed by our usual writing session. I worked on a few of the pictures that I have recently taken some of which, I find interesting. Many of the pictures are pretty repetitious especially the ones of the trails as they don’t vary much. One trail almost looks like the last one except when they cross small streams or go up or downhill. Obviously, some are wider than others but that is about it. All are easy walking which is good for me. The dogs don’t care as they will scramble anywhere. Actually, the trails as they are is a good thing as it is easy to watch ahead just in case one of the slithery things happens to be there. I won’t let the dogs get in the grass on the sides of the trails for the same reason. It will soon be cool enough not to have to worry about snakes. At least I don’t have to watch out for Alligators at this park.

One of the Park employees walked all of the roads and the empty camp sites blowing off the pine needles and leaves. Many of the permanent residents keep their campsites raked and I often see and smell the burning as they dispose of the leaves. My neighbor asked if he could rake my site just so that he could have the leaves to burn. Of course, I readily agreed not wanting to stop anybody from doing their thing and at the same time, keep my site nice and tidy. Of course, this is the Fall season and it is really a hopeless task with all of the trees and the leaves falling all of the time.

I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I did not hear or see a very large Horse RV come in until I spotted them in the leach field area where they were setting up a paddock and unloaded two beautiful horses. Then, they moved the RV/Horse Trailer into my old site and quickly set it up. They had to use levelling blocks on one sides rear wheels but with two of them, it was an easy task as this time, the wife helped and knew what she was doing. Kinda neat to be able to live with your horses like that but I imagine the horse smell is with you all of the time even if they are in a separate paddock.

We went out for our afternoons walk and made a point of walking close to the paddocked horses. Beautiful animals. Reminded me of the ones I used to have years back. We walked a couple of the short trails and covered 1.3 miles for the day.

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