The Park

Another day only this time, Sandy was not with us when we awoke. By the looks of the bedcovers, I must have had another bad dream where I was being chased by demons or something similar as the covers were all over the place. No wonder Sandy chose to sleep on the passenger seat in the front cab. Probably felt safer there with all of my wild thrashing around. However, Mikey, my faithful buddy, had stuck it out and was curled up right alongside me where he usually sleeps. Sometimes, when he is that close, his body heat is almost too hot for me to put up with and I have to move away. He really is a loving little fellow. I crawled out and got dressed and took them out for their walk. We walked by the horses just to say hello and then continued wandering around the park grabbing a couple of horse and RV pictures as we went. The park was quiet as it usually is and even the Schnauzer was not out in her run. The morning walk usually covers around .06 of a mile and only if we are really energetic do we bother with more steps. I generally use the afternoon walk to get the mileage up.

I completed yesterdays blog and posted the couple of pictures that I had taken of the horses and their RV. I should probably do laundry but from where I am sitting, I can see the Laundry Room and it looks like there is a car parked in front which generally indicates that someone is using the machines. I can wait as I have plenty of tee shirts, shorts and underwear which is all I ever dress up in. I will probably be buried in the same clothes. I guess “dress up in” is not really a good description as what I should really say is that these are the clothes that I wear on a daily basis. Dress up really refers to just that, getting ready for a special occasion and I have very few of those nowadays. Thank goodness.

We went out for the afternoon walk and met the lady with the horses. Her name is Elise and she told me that they have had horses for thirty or so years and have been RV’ing full time for five years. Interestingly enough, when I mentioned that I write a blog, it turns out that she also writes one and hers is on Camp Ground reviews. I need to get the name of it so I can check it out.

We walked the Park and then went on a couple of the shorter trails before heading back to Miss Daisy. On the way, we stopped by the horse paddock just to say hello to the two horses, Sandy wasn’t very interested and Mikey was in his usual place, behind me. We also stopped by my next door neighbors dog who is a friendly young lady but a little skittish. At least, the dogs don’t bark at each other anymore even if they are not yet nose touching friends,

Back inside Miss Daisy, we settled down for the evening and after feeding us all, I started watching my current favorite show, Midsomer Murders on the Roku channel which is an English production and has some wonderful views of the English countryside and the old houses. It is really a murder mystery and each installment lasts an hour and thirty minutes with always a couple of people getting murdered in each show, A lot of the characters are of the English nobility or of families that go back hundreds of years and the characters portrayed are mostly snobs while some of the regular people are the opposite kind, rough and hard speaking who don’t give a damn who they are speaking to. Makes for very interesting watching. The show goes back a long way starting in 1997 and is still running today with between six to eight episodes a year. That make a total of around two hundred and thirty or so. I am up to season 17. I spent last evening running through each series starting from the very beginning just to make sure that I had seen every one of the episodes as they have a habit of jumping forward when I tune in. I estimate that I have watched eighty or more of them so far. It didn’t seem like that much at the time. I guess all that really matters is that it keeps me amused.

With the latest of these still swirling around my brain, we went to bed. Somewhere in the night, Sandy decided to sleep on the passenger seat of Miss Daisy so she was either too hot or I was dreaming again. That’s what comes of watching murder mysteries last thing of the evening.


Who would not like walking here?

We actually got up earlier this morning but before we did, Sandy came trooping back in to reward us with her presence after leaving us in the night to sleep on the passenger seat of Miss Daisy. She ambled over as if to say, “I forgive you Dad for having another bad dream night. Try not to do it again, OK”. After showering and dressing for the day, the first thing was to go out walking. We said hello to the horses as we wandered around but except for my neighbors dog, none of the others were outside. It was a very slow walk stopping at almost every other tree or other interesting spots and it takes a while just to cover the half mile which is one circumference around the park.

Back inside Miss Daisy and following breakfast, we settled down to write as is our usual fashion. We didn’t have any new pictures to work on and was limited to strictly writing so we didn’t spend as much time as we usually do. The dogs were ancy so I decided that we would take an earlier walk which we did. They, of course, were very happy with the arrangement. We hiked a couple of the trails and altogether, we covered 2.3 miles for the day making a total of 13.1 for the week. If I can just keep that up.

Another RV pulled in across from me and I watched as they positioned it and then set it up. It went very smoothly so they had done it all before. This time, the driver had a wife that actually helped in the positioning and levelling which made it much easier on him. I, for some reason, always feel much more comfortable when I see that people know what they are doing as without the proper care and knowledge, accidents can and do happen. With the light fast fading and nothing more to see outside. I drew the blinds to close off the outside world for one more day. We ate our evening meal and then watched more of Midsomer Murders. No wonder I have bad dreams.

Written 11/19/2021 – Check out my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com