The horse visitors. The RV was only parked there temporarily before pulling into a regular spot.

Another day in heaven. We walked around the park stopping to talk to a couple of the neighbors on the way. The horses were not in their paddock but at the end of the walk, when we were sitting on the wicker couch, I spotted them running loose and jumped up to help try to catch them but the owners finally caught up with them and my help was not needed. I guess they had them loose grazing in the spray fields where there is some long grass and they had wandered a bit. No harm done. Yesterday, they had gone riding on the trails as we spotted some of their tell tale signs that horses always leave. On our usual walk around the park this morning, Sandy insisted that we take one of the trails. I fooled her though by taking the shortest one available which satisfied her doggy curiosity and her bossy ways. The way we walk is that I point her in the general direction and she kinda takes over and steers the ship. We do tend to wander a bit but it makes life interesting. I noticed that another RV was sitting in our old spot which must have come in very late last evening as it was already set up

We sat and worked on the blogs as we usually do and before I knew it, it was 2:00 pm. I have no idea where the time goes as it just flies by. I had even got up earlier as well as I realize that getting up late is wasting daylight which is now gone by 5:30 pm when it gets dark. I still haven’t made it to Lake Livingstone State Park and it needs to happen this coming week or it won’t happen at all as we are scheduled to leave December1st. On our walk around this morning, one of the neighbors I was talking to expressed dismay that I was planning on leaving December. Must be that I have the right personality and am quiet enough to belong at this park. Who knows what the future holds. I may end back up here permanently when my travelling days are over. Maybe I can rent the tiny home that is here and not deal with an RV. Wonder what sort of price deal I could get?

We went for a walk in the afternoon much earlier than we usually do as Sandy was being an exceptional bug which usually signifies the need to “go”. We harnessed up and taking a bag of garbage with us that needed to go in the dumpster, set off only for me to realize that I had forgotten my walking pole. We did a quick about turn, picked it up and set off for the second time walking one of the trails. We hadn’t gone no more than a half mile when Sandy yelped and then started licking her foot. I took a quick look around but could not see any crittures and so had no idea what was wrong. She let me take a look but didn’t like me prodding around. We did a quick about turn with her limping on three legs all the way back where I took another look. She may have cut her paw on something as there was some blood. There was not a lot I could do for her and she curled up on the passenger seat of Miss Daisy and went to sleep feeling very sorry for herself. Even cutting the walk short, we covered 1.5 miles for the day.

Another RV pulled in late afternoon and the man of the family quickly set it up as I watched through my window. It was very obvious that he was organized and knew what he was doing and in no time flat, he was done. Now, all of the “temporary” sites are filled up for this weekend and all with long RV’s. Thirty plus footers and all trailers. No 5th wheels with the exception of the horse trailer. As I said before, most of the residents are permanent but at least two long termers have moved on these past few days.


I wonder how this tree grew this way and why. It almost looks like one tree engulfed the other one.

We got up to a very cloudy day with a chance of rain in the forecast. Sandy’s foot seemed to be OK as she was more than willing to walk around the park but I noticed that she stayed pretty much on the roads. She took us to the trails and we started to walk a short one when all of a sudden, she decided that she didn’t want to go trail walking and turned back dragging Mikey and me behind her, I guess the trails hurt the foot she complained about yesterday. On our walk around, the horses owners were leading the horses and were walking around the park. Perched on top of each one was a kid from the last trailer that pulled in yesterday. They are an Oriental family and it looks like they have three kids. One of them, a girl, has made friends with one of my neighbors cat and spent some time playing with it. This particular cat is very curious and even tried to make friends with Sandy until Mikey chased it off. Mikey doesn’t trust any cat, friendly or otherwise. Come to that, Mikey doesn’t trust humans either other than me. Like I said before, he is a chicken little and hides behind me if we stop to talk to anyone especially if they try to make friends with him.

It came on to rain but only briefly and I sat here and listened to it as it dripped off the trees. Very soothing. One of the RV’s packed up and pulled out this morning but none of the others show any sign of moving on. I know that the horse people are here for a week but not sure about the others. We have ten more days before we head back to Henly, a 250 mile drive. I toyed with the idea of staying overnight somewhere along the way but decided that I can drive that without too much trouble. Just need to get up earlier that day to get an early start as I don’t want to be driving in the dark. The old eyes don’t do too well with the glare of the oncoming headlights anymore.

We walked under this tree arch.

We went out for the afternoon walk and this time, we hit the longer trails. An uneventful walk and Sandy did just fine. Mikey too was really into this walk which is unusual for him as he normally walks behind me. Today, he was right up there with Sandy and at times even leading the way. Altogether for the day, we covered 2.0 miles which is really good for us. Only when I walk around the enormous Walmart’s does it go higher as that adds another mile to the count. Not to say that I couldn’t walk further, I could, but it is difficult with two small dogs as they do get tired. When we got back, the Asian family had pulled out so they were just weekenders. Great way to spend family time. We sat on the wicker couch for a while before heading back inside for the rest of the evening.

Written 11/21/2021 – Check out my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com