We found these on the trails

Another sunny day in this beautiful park. As usual, the first thing on the agenda was the early morning walk. We stopped to say hello to the horses, well I did. The dogs just ignored them. We managed to cover a mile just walking around without hitting any trails, a great start to the day. I decided that I needed to do laundry and gathered up the clothes and washing detergents and made my way over to the Laundry Room where only the dryers were in use. I grabbed a washing machine and loaded it out adding detergent which is of the little plastic podules kind and went back to Miss Daisy. An hour later, I went back over to put the laundry in the dryer but for some reason, the wash had not completed properly and the liquid detergent was all over the clothes. I had no choice but to set up another wash cycle. I spent some time talking to Alice who helps out with running the office and then retuned back to the RV to wait it out. An hour later, I made my way back and this time, the wash had completed successfully and so into the dryer and again returning to Miss Daisy. An hour later, I headed back to the laundry room and the wash was dry. I spent time folding it and putting into my laundry bag, headed back home. I’m pretty good at this as I have been single for almost 30 years and have had a lot of practice although it was much more convenient back at the old house with my own washer and dryer.

Back in Miss Daisy, I put the laundry away which comprised of underclothes in the drawer, shorts and tee shirts in the closet and towels in the bathroom. Real easy. By the way, I can almost stand in one place and just shuffle my feet to complete this task with no walking involved. By then, it was time to go grocery shopping in Livingstone and this time, I went to the Walmart’s as I wanted that rotisserie chicken and I also wanted to add to my steps for the day. I found everything on my list with the exception of cans of scented spray that goes into a battery operated gizmo which quirts out a jet of nice smelling stuff to keep Miss Daisy fresh. I walked all over the place but could not locate it. Giving up on that, I checked out and made my way to Starbucks (of course) before making the drive home. I had previously stopped at Lowe’s on the way in as I need a clamp to stop the carrier from rattling as much and I know there is one available to do just that. However, Lowe’s did not carry the unit and neither did an Autoparts store which I found on my way out. Both of them had everything tow hitchwise but not what I wanted

The drive back was uneventful except for a wonderful sunset that I wanted to photograph. Unfortunately, there are no real shoulders to pull off and too much traffic which did not give me the opportunity. I arrived back to two very excited little dogs who helped me put the groceries away, at least those that needed to go into the refrigerator and leaving the rest strewn all over the floor, we harnessed up and headed out of the door. We walked the park staying mostly on the roads as by now, it was getting dark and I could not see where I was going without the help of the street lights around the park, Arriving back, we settled down for the evening with food for all of us and TV with a glass of wine. Altogether for the day, I covered 3.8 miles, a very good day indeed.


One we hadn’t seen before

I managed to get up early and we headed out the door for the first walk of the day. Like yesterday, we walked the park perimeter staying as wide as we could to get in the extra steps and like yesterday, we stopped to say hello to the horses. Such beautiful creatures. I didn’t know it then, but that was the last time that we would greet or see them. As I was walking the short trail, the neighbors black dog suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Sandy growled a bit and Mikey for once, stood his ground but nothing happened in the way of a fight. I thought at first the dog was loose and was getting ready to turn back and take the dog with us when my neighbor appeared and called the dog over. We chatted for a bit before heading back down the trail. We completed the circuit and walked almost a mile before returning for breakfast.

I settled down to write and as I sat there, I saw the people leaving with the Horse RV and for some reason, I felt so sad. Amazing how the love of animals can make you feel that way. Shaking off the gloom, I got back to work with the everyday task and continued to write. Yesterday, because I couldn’t locate the part I needed to stabilize the Carrier unit on the Jeep, I decided to order one through Amazon and it should be here tomorrow. That is an amazing company as I have ordered stuff before and received it the next day which is great for us mobile people with no permanent address at least for deliveries.

Today is another beautiful sunny day although a little cooler with the temperature around 62 degrees as Fall slowly comes to an end and the Winter season approaches, officially on December 21st. With the exception of one semi permanent RV, the temporary row B which is where we first parked, is now empty. A couple more RV’s pulled in later in the day but they went into the more permanent spaces although that doesn’t mean they are staying long.

I decided that we had sat around long enough and thought that we should at least drive to Lake Livingstone State Park if only just to take a look and maybe take a few pictures. We harnessed up and I made sure that I had my real camera with the telescopic lens with me and off we went. Lake Livingstone State Park is only a few miles from the RV Park and in no time at all, we arrived where I got out and paid my $3.00 fee. The lady behind the counter asked if I was hiking today but I told her no as I wasn’t planning on it. I guess they do that for safety’s sake so they can account for everyone’s movements.

The Park is fairly big with over a hundred RV and tent camp sites most of which were full up. There were a lot of the younger generation running and playing and many Parents sitting around camp fires. Compared to the Park I am staying at, this one was like a city in rush hour. I found where most of the trailheads were and seriously considered taking a hike anyway but then decided against it. I did take several pictures of the lake and boat ramps. Maybe I’ll hike another day. We took the drive back and discovered that we had a problem with the Jeep. Not a serious one and I did learn a bit more about it. This is the first time that the dogs have taken a ride in this vehicle and of course, they are always vying to see who will sit on my lap. By itself, that is not a problem except that the dividing console has the 4 wheel drive controls plus when I got out to use one of the restrooms, I noticed that all of a sudden, the Jeep was further off the ground surprising the heck out of me. Turns out that the control to raise and lower it are also in the center console and with the dogs busy jostling each other, they activated both the height and the 4 wheel drive. Something for me to keep an eye on in the future. By the way, I knew about the 4 wheel drive but had no idea that the Jeep could be raised and lowered so actually, the dogs did me a favor.

We arrived back at the campground and went out for that evenings walk that we never got to do at Lake Livingstone State Park. We did a complete circuit around the park and the hit the short trail. On the way back, apart from the visible signs of where the horse corral had been, there was a very strong smell in the air. There is no mistaking the smell of horses. We stopped to chat with our Artist neighbor who was working on another painting of the same couple. He is very good at it although as he pointed out, it is getting a bit chilly to sit outside and pursue his art. Altogether, we covered 2.5 miles for the day.

Back in Miss Daisy, we prepared for the evening with food and drinks and TV.

Written 11/23/2021 – Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com