A view of Lake Livingstone

We walked around the park and stopped to talk to a couple of people. The little Schnauzer was in her run so we went over to say hello. In Sandy’s case, just a brief touching of noses and then its a, “Lets go Dad”. I ignored her and chatted to the Man of the house who was sitting outside. He told me he was a truck driver for 40 years and suffers from a bad back because of it. I suppose that sitting constantly and being jarred around all of the time like that would do that to you even with the modern spring loaded seats. On the plus side, he shouldn’t have any problems in backing up his 5th wheel although I think they are here permanently. My brief spell of trucking was restricted to three winters so I wasn’t at it long enough to get the back problems, thank goodness.

We finished the walk and settled down for our normal day. After writing for a bit and watching my next door neighbor work on his motorcycle which included several rides around the park. The last of these rides, he was accompanied by a pit bull that belonged to one of the park workers and who had broken it’s collar to get free and his own large black dog who were running both alongside and all over the park. They sure got some exercise and had a lot of fun. Hopefully, they will be leashed by the time we go out for our walk. As I watched later on, I noticed that my neighbor’s little dog from across the way was loose and I know that she is very protective of it so I wandered over getting barked at and scolded most severely by the little guy because I was on his property. His owner apparently was visiting a neighbor and hurried over when she saw me and let the dog back into her RV. I’m not sure she was aware of my intentions until I explained that I saw the dog loose and was concerned. As it was, the neighbor she had been visiting was someone who knew me and said hello which I think allayed her suspicions.

The Super stopped by to drop of the package I had ordered from Amazon a couple of days ago leaving it on my glass topped wicker table. I decided to drop everything and install the part which is really just a small clamp that fits on the arm of the Carrier to stop it from rattling so much. First thing was to find a wrench that would fit the bolts and luckily, it only took three tries to do that searching in different containers each time before I located the right size. After that, it was a relatively simple process and hopefully, with the help of a couple of bungee chords, we have solved the rattling problem.

By then, it was time to go out for the afternoons walk and as it was already getting dark, we settled for a walk around the park. I should say, I settled for that short walk as the dogs don’t care as long as they get out. We made the complete circuit around the park and said “Hi” to the Schnauzer who was very happy to see us before heading back to Miss Daisy for the evening meal. Altogether, we covered 2 miles for the day.


A view through the trees ay Lake Livingstone.

It was pouring down with rain when I first woke up so after a quick visit to the bathroom to ease the usual problem that old men have with their prostate, I rolled over and went back to sleep. It was 10:30 by the time I woke up and the rain had eased off for a bit. After showering and shaving and putting on the usual shorts and tee shirt, this time a clean set, I got the dogs ready for their first walk of the day. We walked the park staying mostly on the roads which were a little drier than the grass, making a couple of circuits to get in our half mile. I noticed a couple of empty spots where RV’s had left and there was little activity in the park as everyone was inside because of the dull and overcast day. Besides, today is a holiday, Thanksgiving Day so the very few working people are all at home inside their RV’s and making the most of their day off.

A large RV came in followed by another vehicle towing a boat and they parked in two separate sites, next to each other. It didn’t take them long to set up so they are experienced at this. The park is very quiet with very little activity other than the new arrivals. The weather being cloudy and dull with a light drizzle makes it a good day to stay indoors. It cleared up a little in the afternoon so we took the opportunity to take a longer walk along the trails. By the time we got back, it was getting dark and we were glad to get back inside. Just like the previous day, we covered around 2 miles.

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