A view of the forest from the trail

Another day and it’s getting closer for us to move on. I have mixed feelings about leaving this park as I have really enjoyed our stay here. The one major drawback is that the internet has been really dodgy even with my booster. But needs must and I have business back in Austin in December and January. The plan is to head up North to New York State next year but we will see how things work out. As per usual, the first walk of the day was around the park and onto the short trail. It was quiet out and we didn’t get to meet any other dogs or humans come to that. With no serious plans for the day, it was a question of finding something to do other than to write in this blog.

I solved that problem by harnessing up the dogs and hitting the trails. We opted to take the longest one for a distance of 1.5 miles. That coupled with the .7 miles this morning put us well over the 2 mile mark which is our goal for most days, In the past 7 days, we have walked a little over 13 miles so pretty close to the mark. We had one wet day when we only walked for about a half mile for the day. Gotta stay fit somehow and as I can’t run or kick a ball anymore, walking is the next best thing. I have to thank Sandy and Mikey for getting me out there.

We had an interesting development while we were watching television later on in the evening. I heard a knock on the door and at first thought it was on the TV and then when it came a second time, answered it to find a neighbor standing there telling me that I had water pouring out of Miss Daisy. I thanked him and and turned to check only to see that the sink was overflowing. Somehow, I had managed to leave the faucet running and this being an RV and not a house, the grey tank had filled up and the sink was full and coming out the top. It must have been running for a couple of hours and I have no idea why I didn’t notice it. I spent the next half hour mopping up after emptying the grey tank. As far as I can tell, there is no damage but I left the cabinet doors open with a fan in front blowing cold air to dry things out.
As there was nothing more I could do, we all went to bed with me chastising myself for being so dumb and wondering why I didn’t hear the water running.


Wonder what Sandy is dreaming
Mikey has Sandy’s harness on by mistake

I got up and then I remembered the happenings of last evening and got to checking to see if there was any damage. Everything appeared to have dried out but the outlet on the counter wouldn’t work and neither would the one under the dining seating which supplies power to the computer among other things. The outlet above the dining area was working so I did some maneuvering and used a multi outlet unit to provide the power where I needed it. The one bad thing, ok, one of several, is that there are too few outlets in the RV and in order to have more than a couple of things plugged in like the computer and the printer, I have to be a little inventive and use the extension unit that when plugged in, allows for three or six other items to be attached. I usually never have more than two plugged in at the same time as that would put too big a load on the system resulting in more blown fuses.

With the power taken care of at least temporarily as I still need to locate the cause of the blown fuses, I decided to put that off until after coffee and breakfast for us all. Well, coffee for me and a burrito. Following breakfast, although I hadn’t planned on it, I had to do a load of laundry to wash among other things, all of the towels I had used to mop up the water last evening. I threw everything into the Jeep and drove the short distance over to the Laundry Room and I was lucky that no one else was using any of the machines which by itself, is very unusual. I dumped the soggy mess into the washing machine and drove back to Miss Daisy to wait it out. An hour later, I went back over and threw the clothes into one of the dryers and an hour after that, I folded the clothes and brought everything back. Them came the process of making the bed, something I have described many times before and today was no different, After much grunting and complaining to myself, the dogs having experienced the trauma of bedmaking before and knowing when to disappear, I finally got it made and after congratulating myself on a job well done, noticed that it was already getting dark so it was time for walkies. We made a circuit of the park running into the little Schnauzer who also happened to be walking with his Mom and stopped to talk. Continuing on, we bumped into the Super who had a Grandson with him and talked to him for a bit. We confirmed that indeed, we would be pulling out on the1st of December and he offered me a spot if ever I wanted to return in the future. Told me that I was always welcome which is nice to hear. Who can foretell the future, As were completing our walk, it came on to rain making our timing perfect. The evening was spent in the usual way, food for us all, a glass of wine for me and then watch football of the English kind.

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