Rock’n E Park

It rained pretty much all night, very heavy at times but we slept though it anyways. Amazing what fresh air, exercise and a simple life can do for a man. It had left off by the morning but was still very overcast. We went out for a short walk and again ran into the little Schnauzer but we both took opposite directions. I stopped to talk to a couple of ladies doing their laundry and Sandy of course, just had to make friends. We have no plans for the day and it is a cloudy and overcast day anyway, not very welcoming at all so we will stay indoors. It cleared up later in the afternoon and we went for our usual walk only this time, not only did we walk the perimeter of the park as we usually do, we also walked every road to make sure we got in our exercise of 1.6 miles for the day. I watched my favorite football team tie with the top team in the English Premier League in the afternoon which is not something that I usually do, tending to leave TV watching until the evening. This was a very quiet day ending in the usual fashion of food and TV.


The trees are tall and straight

We went to bed early last evening as for some reason, I just could not keep my eyes open and 9:00 pm saw us turn out the lights. I woke up once in the night for the usual male reasons and then never awoke again until 9:00 am, several hours later. Unheard of at least in my case. As per usual, the day started with the morning walk about followed by breakfast and blogging.

With only a couple more days left before we move on, I have nothing planned except to go into Livingstone for some groceries. This proved to be the usual food buying experience at Walmart’s which is a great place to shop having everything that I need and a whole lot more that I don’t. I wonder if I will ever be back to this store? I filled the Jeep up with gas and then was looking for an ATT store as I needed a cable for my Google Pad for Miss Daisy as those of you following my blog may recall that the built in unit has never worked satisfactorily. Somehow or another, I have mislaid the original cable that came with the Google Pad. I searched high and low for it before I left but with no luck. I found a Verizon store in the same parking lot as Walmart’s, well sort of as due to construction, one of the roads was blocked off meaning that I had to get back on the main road and then make the turn to get to the store and purchased the cable. Unfortunately, when I looked at it, I needed a different plug than what I had. By that time, I was away from the Verizon store having already stopped at Starbucks and managed to find a Cricket store almost immediately. I stopped there, bought what I needed and was on my way back to the Rock’n E. So, an ATT customer runs the full gamut of the competition

It was getting dark when I pulled in and I was met by two very excited little dogs who gave me just enough time to put the frozen goods away and then dragged me out for the last walk of the day. Altogether it was a 2 mile day for me and probably half that for the dogs. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way, food for us all and then TV until it was bedtime.


Miss Daisy and the Jeep

We woke up around 8:00 am, early for us and got up straight away as I knew we had things to do. We did the usual walk around the park not meeting any of our friends, probably because we were much earlier than usual. We did the breakfast thing and I spent some time on emails and such, just in case… Another RV had pulled into my old space overnight.

With nothing of importance to take care of I went about the business of packing up the outside, mats, wicker couch and table, brushing of as much dirt as possible before strapping them onto the Jeeps Carrier. Then I climbed up on Miss Daisy’s roof and blew off the canopy and the two slide outs. Good job I did as the roof and canopy were absolutely covered in leaves. I retracted the canopy which completed all of the outside work. I was going to hook up the jeep to Miss Daisy but it would have stuck out into the roadway too far and created a hazard, not that there is much park traffic but you never know. So, a project for tomorrow although it doesn’t usually take that long if I get everything lined up right. All that is left now is to make Miss Daisy ready for travelling which comprises of securing any loose objects as you can imagine just how much things bounce around under normal driving and the usual of retracting the slides and unhooking the hoses and last of all, the power. Oh yes, and hooking up the Jeep.

You would think that I would be excited to go back to the Austin area after living there for more than 35 years but there is a feeling of sadness in leaving this park. I am just getting to know the residents and them me and they have made me feel very welcome. It is a beautiful area and the trails are worth walking. Who knows, hopefully I will return when I can no longer drive and just park the RV which probably wont be Miss Daisy as she is my travelling vehicle and is too small for a permanent home. Another 5th wheel or maybe a Tiny Home trailer which I will pay somebody to haul in as I don’t need another truck.

We took our final walk of the day covering around 1.5 miles although we will have one tomorrow morning of course before our final preparations to leave. My next door neighbors little Chihuahua was out running around and he accompanied us a part of the way before heading back home and when we got back, we spent some time talking to that same neighbor before heading back inside for the usual evenings preparations. So ends our last day at this beautiful park. Tomorrow, we move on or in our case back to Austin.

Written 11/30/2021 – Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com