Wednesday 12/01/2021

We got up early this morning knowing that we had a busy day and a long drive ahead of us. We took our walk around the park and said goodbye to a couple of other campers that we met before returning for a quick breakfast and a check on emails. Then it was to work to get ready for the trip. As I had taken care of the outside stuff yesterday, all that remained was to make sure that every moveable object inside Miss Daisy was secure before retracting the slides and unhooking the water and sewer hose and finally the electric connection. I pushed the button to retract the jacks before going about the task of hooking up the Jeep which went very well. The only problem that I had was in getting the lights to work and in the end, decided that as the RV is so much taller than the Jeep, the RV brake lights are visible enough for both vehicles. Something I need to look into.

While I was performing these tasks, several other campers stopped by to say goodbye and wish me a safe journey which I found very nice. The Super also stopped by and reiterated that I was always welcome. I took the dogs for one final walk as they would be cooped up for several hours before jumping into Miss Daisy and driving out of the Rock’n E RV park. As usual, the Navigation system in Miss Daisy was not working and I had to rely on my cell phone. I had bought a windshield holder to make it more visible. The Google Pad that I had bought showed three alternate routes and the iPhone another different route. As the one on the iPhone was from my RV Life app, that is the one I chose to use. It worked very well and the only problem was not being able to hear the voice commands very clearly and no way to adjust the volume.

The actual trip was uneventful and very long. I stopped once in some small town to gas up and the pump shut off after 25 gallons which I thought would be enough to get us to Henly. Turns out it wasn’t and when the gauge showed we had less than 60 miles until empty, I had to find another gas station with reasonable access. By then, we had reached Oak Hill, familiar territory. This time, when the pump shut off, I went through the process three times to get the tank full, sixty gallons at $2.89 a gallon. Luckily, we don’t drive every day or I would be broke. Altogether, the trip was around 265 miles. Next time, I will shorten it by half and find an overnight campground rather than drive for so long as it took all day. Actually, when I was planning this trip, I had considered make a stopover but decided against it.

It was 6:00 pm and dark by the time we reached Henly and I knew exactly where site 21 was. It is a pull through site making it really easy to park Miss Daisy and as the Jeep was still attached, I pulled in far enough not to have to unhook it until the morning. This created another problem as the site, which incidentally is blacktopped, sloped down a bit towards the front. I went ahead and levelled up Miss Daisy knowing that I would probably have to make adjustments the following day. After hooking up the hoses and power and letting out the slides, we adjourned for the evening satisfied with a smooth transition from one campground to the next.

We did a short walk around the park more for the dogs to relieve themselves before heading back in for the evening meal. The TV reception is good but I already knew that from my previous stay here. Hard to believe that this morning we were in Coldspring and now in Henly. Love this life.

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