Thursday 12/02/2021

Henly RV Park

This is the first full day back here at Henly. While I was away, they have continued to blacktop the upper sites leaving the new and lower sites and those on the perimeter as gravel. We went out for our usual mornings walk and covered around the normal half mile before returning for breakfast. I already knew that we would have to resituate Miss Daisy to get the wheels back on the ground due to the sloping site. Following breakfast, I went outside and unhooked the Jeep driving it to the front of the site allowing me room to move Miss Daisy. Just to be on the safe side, I unhooked the hoses and power chord and brought in the slides even though I was only going to do a bit of jockeying to make her level. After the first attempt, it was obvious that I need to drive the front wheels up onto some blocking in order to keep them supported after the leveling process finished which I was able to do and with the push of a button, down came the jacks and we had a level rig. It didn’t take long to hook up the hoses and electric cable and put the slides back out and we were set and ready to go. My next task was to unload the Jeep and put out the wicker couch and table and lay down the two outside mats that I have. In no time flat, we had our home set up and ready for our stay here for the next two months or more, depending on the weather.

We spent the rest of the day writing and doing stuff inside Miss Daisy before going out for the afternoon walk around the park. I had an interesting conversation with one of my neighbors who has been here for a long time and who I had met during my previous stay and somehow, the conversation turned to Covid. First of all, she told me she is a nurse and then went on to say she has had Covid, her husband died of Covid and her two sons and a daughter have all had it. She was adamant that she is NOT getting a shot and by God, no one can force her as this is a free country. When I asked her why, she said that she had read up on the ingredients and didn’t like what was in them and no amount of discussion on my part could get her to think differently. She is a believer in vitamins and stuff like that. She kept pointing out that 2 million people have died and said probably a lot more unreported. I gave up on the discussion as it was a no win situation. I bet she is a Trump supporter too! I also ran into another neighbor, this time the attractive younger blond lady who I had chatted with the last time I was here and much more interesting to talk to and got a welcome back from her. Even Sandy condescended to like her dog which is a switch. Oh yes, the Park Manager, Malinda, stopped by to welcome me back although that doesn’t mean too much as she is just as likely to tell me that I have broken one of her rules. Still, nice that she bothered.

I miss the trails at the last park and the neighborly people but so far, this one is turning out OK. We walked 1.5 miles in and around the park and out on the roads outside the park which are very quiet country lanes. Sandy needs an appointment at the groomers where she went the last time out here in Dripping Springs and I was too late for the Farmers Market held yesterday so I will need to hit the HEB tomorrow. I can’t believe how hot it was today. The sweat poured off me when I was setting up and I had to turn the air back on from the heat cycle it was previously set. Even now, it is still 71 degrees outside.
The day finished in the usual way with an evening meal and then television.

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