Friday 12/03/2021

Miss Daisy in her new parking spot

We got up around 9:00 am determined to get out of the lazy habits acquired at the the last campground and per usual, went out for a half mile walk around the park. After breakfast, I sat down to write having a couple of days catching up to do. While working, a couple of RV’s pulled into the lots in front of me and I was able to sit here and critique their parking techniques. Both knew what they were doing and in no time flat, they had their rigs levelled and set. As I watched, a truck load of gravel was delivered to one of the outside sites that are not blacktopped and a little later, a small dozer came in and levelled the pile. Even though there are a lot of RV’s here, I don’t get the feeling of being crowded as they are spaced far enough apart. As I am on the end, my nearest neighbor to my right is probably 50 feet away across the road.
One of the good things that is happening here as opposed to the last three sites I was at is that the bird feeder pole that I put up yesterday with two hanging feeders on it, is being visited by birds, real birds of which I had not seen any at the other sites. Nothing exotic, just Finches and Sparrows but at least they are birds. Now, as long as the deer leave the feeders alone, we have it made. I know the deer are around as there was fresh deer scat outside on the grass.
I worked on the blog for a while before deciding that I needed to go into Dripping Springs, about a 11 mile journey to the HEB located there. This is a large store and has everything that I need which are usually just the essentials and today was no different. I did manage to find the scented cans that I had been looking for. On the way home, I rewarded myself with a Starbucks Latte.
Back at Miss Daisy, I received the usual warm welcome from Mikey and Sandy who barely gave me time to put the groceries away before demanding that we go out walking. On the road below the campsite, we met a couple of older gentlemen with a large dog and we stopped to chat for a while. Sandy made friends with their dog and even Mikey stopped barking although he was in his usual position, hiding behind me. Altogether, we covered 2.1 miles, well I did. The dogs not so much as they didn’t walk the HEB store.
The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way, food for us all and then TV and a glass of wine for me. As far as I know, Mikey and Sandy are not TV watchers and neither do they drink wine. Smart dogs.

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