Saturday 12/04/2021

We got up around 9:00 am and as is our normal practice, went out for a walk around the park. The day has dawned to another sunny and beautiful day with just a few clouds in the sky. On our morning walk which by design, is usually a short one of around a half mile, we didn’t get to see any one else of the human or animal variety which is not surprising as it is Saturday and many of the working people, have the day off. Incidentally, as opposed to the Rock’n E, there seems to be an even split between old and young campers and there are a few kids chasing around. On the other hand, this park has many more transient campers as they are coming and going all of the time.
All of the spots in the temporary row in front of me are full and they are quite a mix, an older and a newer model, class A’s, one large tow trailer, another a 5th wheel and finally, a little teardrop trailer looking completely out of place compared to the giants parked on either side of it. It takes all kinds to make a world. Probably, come Monday, most of those temporary spots will be open again. There is one Airstream here that belongs to my neighbors from my previous site. and another two parked across from me.
For those of you that follow this blog, you may remember that I inadvertently left the sink faucet running resulting in blowing the GFI circuit breakers in several different places. GFI stands for Ground Fault Interrupter and the slightest drop of moisture will trip these circuits. Well, we had more than a drop with the sink overflowing resulting in several outlets not working in different places, the sink, the bathroom, the bedroom and both the outlets over and under the couch. I worried about it wondering how to fix it or would I have to call in an expert mechanic. I happened to be watching another video about a different subject and it occurred to me that I belong to the RV Repair Club and maybe they would have a video providing the answers. Sure enough, by doing a search, I located the exact video that I wanted and by following their instructions and with the single push of the reset button, all of the outlets are working again. Turns out, that membership has already paid for itself as calling in a Repair Mechanic would cost a whole lot more. Now, all I got to do is figure out why the Navigation system doesn’t work on Miss Daisy.
We went out for the afternoon walk and this time we took the outside road away from the campsite which is a half mile walk one way. Altogether for the day, we managed to cover 1.6 miles. I received a call from the local Dog Grooming place with whom I had left a message and we arranged for Sandy to be groomed. Poor Sandy, she doesn’t know she has a busy day tomorrow. The day ended in the usual fashion, food, a glass of wine while watching the Premier League followed by Midsomer Murders, an English thriller series.

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