Sunday 12/05/2021

A view of the new section of the park. There are trees planted but it will take a few years for them to mature.

We got up early as Sandy has a Groomers appointment and we needed to leave here by 10:30 am. We did our usual morning walk around the park and met a gentleman with a Husky. Beautiful dog and although Sandy actually tried to make friends, the other dog wanted to play which consisted of jumping all over Sandy, She did not want any part of it and backed away. Mikey, of course, was hiding behind me. What else? We walked for our usual half mile before returning to Miss Daisy for breakfast. I got to watch a couple of the campers in the temporary slots working on their RV’s. Whether in preparation to leave or the normal household chores one has to perform on a regular basis. After watching for a bit, I figured out that the 5th wheel and the Class A are preparing to leave as both owners went about the task of packing up their RV’s. The little Teardrop trailer has already left.
It was time to drive into Dripping Springs for Sandy’s groomers appointment so all three of us jumped in the car for the short 11 mile trip. Mikey accompanied us into the groomers even though he was not getting “the treatment” just to provide his friend with moral support. I handed her over and did my best to ignore the accusing look she was giving me. Mikey and I then made our way back to MIss Daisy to write and wait it out before we can return and pick her up.
Both the Class A and the 5th wheel have pulled out leaving just one RV in the row in front of us. It is very quiet around here. There are a couple of people walking their dogs and a couple more doing their laundry and a car here and there pulling in or driving out. Other than that, it is very peaceful with the only sound the traffic on the highway a half mile away.
I received a text to tell me that Sandy would be ready to pick up in 20 minutes which I passed along to Mikey. just in case he might be interested. It should be said that he was in seventh heaven being the only dog and getting all of the attention while Sandy was away but when we arrived at the groomers, he was just as excited to see her again and made a big fuss of her. They had done a wonderful job on her and she looked clean and smart. I asked for her nose and face to be trimmed a little shorter which the groomer, a lady named Ashley willingly obliged. Mikey in his usual excited way had jumped on me and scratched my leg…again. I got Ashley to trim his nails while we were there as it seemed like a good idea. Sandy was very interested in hearing Mikey complain as she trimmed them and was looking with a fixed attention into the grooming salon and I swear with a worried look on her face as it went on. Finally, Ashley brought him back much to Sandy’s relief. Dogs are such interesting animals. Mikey just felt sorry for himself at getting so abused.
We drove back taking the long way to see some more of the countryside but the dogs are not very good at travelling in the Jeep as both are vying for a spot on my lap which is really only big enough for one dog at a time. This doesn’t stop them both from trying and it gets very interesting sometimes. We arrived back and immediately went out for the afternoon walk around the park and out on the quiet country lanes that surround us meeting a couple of other campers doing the same thing. Altogether, we walked almost 2 miles for the day which is where I like to be.
The rest of the day was spent in the usual way after catching up with the emails, food and television and a glass of cheap wine. Incidentally, the TV reception is very good at this park and I am not having to use my booster.

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