Monday 12/06/2021

Another view of the new section of the Campground.

We got up early determined to break the lazy late cycle that I have allowed to happen. With it getting dark much earlier, I am just wasting daylight by sleeping late on a regular basis. By 8:00 am, we were already out walking around the park and on the outside roads. We didn’t go very far, just a half mile but enough for the dogs to do their “thing” and for me to stretch my legs. I do miss the trails at the last campground but oh well, can’t have everything. We still get the exercise with walking around the park and on the roads. With breakfast and the all important coffee out of the way, I settled down to write catching up on some of the postings that I had fallen behind on. I had written the blogs but had delayed the posting as I wanted some more recent pictures which I have taken in the past few days. it took quite a while to get the blogs to my taste but I finally had them ready. By the time I was finished, it was time for the afternoon walk. Did I say walk, when we got out there walking one of the country roads, Sandy had already decided that she was in a hurry and was dragging me and Mikey along behind her at a breakneck speed. She kept it up for the entire walk of a little over a mile and the two males of the group were glad to be back inside Miss Daisy just to get our wind back and to rest up.

My clean little girl, for a while at least.

Back inside, I straightened up a bit although that doesn’t take very much as the space is so small and swept the floors and at the same time emptied the black and grey tanks, one of our regular tasks that I have to do every few days. As I sit here and write, the birds are very busy on the feeders. Mostly Black Crested Titmouse and House Finches but what the heck, at least they are birds using the feeders which is more than what happened at the last four campsites where there were zero birds.
The rest of the day comprised of the afternoon walk and then the usual evening meal and then TV .

Tuesday 12/07/2021

A view from the road outside the Park

We followed our usual procedure of walk and then breakfast before settling down to read emails and messages just in case there was something important, which luckily, there wasn’t. I did some research on how to get a replacement Social Security card having lost or misplaced mine years ago. I guess lost and misplaced both add up to the same thing as I no longer have a card. It’s not something one uses every day and I know the number by heart but I need it to get my drivers license renewed next month which will be another trying time for me. The last time was six years ago and I had to run out to the car to get a different pair of glasses to past that test. I’m hoping that it will be OK this time around although the eyes are 6 years older. Now, I have to provide all kinds of documents including the aforementioned Social Security card and my birth certificate plus my Naturalization Certificate to prove that I really am the person applying for the license. Things sure have tightened up.
I had spent some time putting together the ingredients for a Beed Stew in my InstaPot which will take 6 hours to cook. The beauty of it is that apart from an occasional stirring, I can leave it until it is cooked when it will switch itself off. The wonders of modern technology. I started it too late for this evenings meal but it will feed me the rest of the week.
We went out for the afternoon walk and on the way, I ran into the Park Super who as it happened was using a step ladder to hang Christmas Decorations. I asked him if I could borrow the ladder for ten minutes to adjust my awning and he willingly obliged. We continued with our walk covering 1.4 miles for the day before returning back to Miss Daisy and sure enough the step ladder was leaning against the tree. I used it to lower the awning, giving it a bit more slope for the rain to run off before returning it against the tree for him to pick it up which he did later that evening. Not sure how long I can leave the awning out as there is a lot more wind here than at the Rock’n E probably due to the fact that campground was totally surrounded by the tall pine trees which acted as a wind break.
We adjourned inside Miss Daisy for the rest of the evening for our usual evening meal and watching AC Milan play Liverpool in the Champions League.

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