Friday 12/10/2021

A pano of the lower new section.

We got up at a reasonable hour and took our usual walk around the park. A couple of RV’s have moved into the new section that houses long termers. I talked to a couple who were outside and they told me they spend 6 months here in this park and then 6 months in Colorado where, apparently, they have 70 acres of land. They didn’t say it they owned a house on that property.
Back in MIss Daisy, it was breakfast all around before I made preparations to take the Jeep into the Firestone store in Oak Hill. I had a 12:00 pm appointment to have work done as the Emergency brake wasn’t working properly and I could drive with it on, which I had done a couple of times, quite accidentally, of course. They told me it would take a couple of hours which I knew probably meant at least three. As it turned out, it was closer to four and a half by the time I got out of there. I ended up with a set of tires and a wheel alignment, an oil change and service, three new wiper blades, plus new brakes on the back which included the disk pads as they were that badly worn. Altogether, it cost me almost $2000.00 but I won’t have to do it again in my lifetime as the Jeep doesn’t get driven very much. As it happens, I have a plug in gadget on the jeep that reports back to my Insurance company on how little I drive and I get a break on the insurance because of it. Brakes are not really something one can ignore as they do come in very useful. I paid my bill and then made a slow drive home. At least, that is what I had in mind but by then, I was caught up in the homeward bound traffic which tended to zoom along at a breakneck speed as people had just one things on their minds and that was to get to wherever it was they were going and get there fast. Then, we all got stuck behind a Sherriff’s Patrol car which immediately brought everyone down to the speed limit. It didn’t help that we were also driving into the sun as it slowly set.
Arriving back home, the dogs complained bitterly that I had left them for so long but were soon happy enough as they jumped and wagged like crazy. I had no choice but to take them out for their evening walk
All in all, a very good day having accomplished something that I just had to have done with the Jeep. As a side note, I took my computer in with me hoping to do some writing but I had forgotten that it is only half charged which is a safety feature because I keep it plugged in while at home. It would not fire up on a half charge. Consequently, even though I had brought the charge chord with me, there was no place to plug in resulting in me just sitting around for those four and a half hours except when I stood up to take a walk. On top of that, I was sitting outside at a wooden bench for most of the time and I swear that my backside had the shape of every board and ridge possible. Most uncomfortable and also very frustrating. I did get to observe a lot of human nature in action and for amusement, I counted how many people actually stopped at the Stop Sign in the parking lot. Needless to say, I think I counted one as everyone else just drove straight thru. When it came to my turn, I made a point of stopping just because I had been criticizing everyone else. What else could I do…

The view of the Stop Sign. The two cars are parked in front of the store.

Saturday 12/11/2021

Art work on the shed.

It was much cooler when we went out for our walk and I was very glad to have on a jacket. Much different from yesterday as todays high is not supposed to get above 54 degrees from yesterday’s balmy 75. This is Texas after all and as the old saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a while and it will change”. With today Saturday, it was very quiet around the park with very little activity. A few people walked their dogs and a couple of cars drove around but other than that, nothing. We have no plans and after the busy day yesterday and unless something comes up, will stay close to home.
We spent most of the day writing and working on photographs until it was time for the afternoon walk. This time when we walked the outside road, we went further than we normally do to get the exercise and covered 2.0 miles for the day which is where I want it to be.
All in all, a very quiet day.

The view from the bench at Firestone

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