Sunday 12/12/2021

Spotted on our afternoon walk just outside of the park.

We got up late but not on purpose as we went to bed much earlier than we usually do. I was watching a football game from the English Premier League and woke up at half time having missed most of the action for the first half. I decided that it was pretty stupid to struggle to stay awake like that and so we went to bed managing to wake up late as well. I must have been tired although I can’t think what made yesterday any different than any other day. Must be this worry free and contented living. That or all of that waiting around at the Firestone Store.
We went out for our mornings walk and covered our usual half mile before returning to Miss Daisy for breakfast and then settling down to write. It is a beautiful sunny day with the weather forecast to reach 60 degrees, not bad for a winters day.

My Jeep. Just look at those new tires.

I got to meet my next door neighbor and her Boxer dog after we came back from our afternoon walk. Her name is Jessica and she is here for at least six months. Sandy got along fine with her dog but Mr. Chicken Little was doing his usual thing of hiding behind me. I was concerned that my TV which I am constantly trying to control the sound so that it is not too loud at night, might be disturbing her but apparently not, thank goodness. We managed to cover 2.2 miles for the day on our walks so we have done OK for this week.
I spent the rest of the afternoon going through all of my camera gear of which I have way too much. My thoughts are leaning to buying a lighter camera, maybe one of the Z models as both of the Nikons are getting heavy to carry around. I just don’t do the camera work that I used to especially as I no longer video the Pond Meetings as I did for many years. In truth, I don’t hike anywhere near as much either except for walking around the park to exercise the dogs and most of the pictures I take nowadays are on my phone, mostly for the convenience. After all, it is always with me and it fits in my pocket.

The park is really in the festive spirit and the lights above are what I can see from Miss Daisy. There are lots of them strung all around the camp ground.
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