Tuesday 12/14/2021

The untidily made bed in Miss Daisy.

I had designated today as Laundry Day because I haven’t done any for at least two weeks. As usual, we went out for our morning walk and I fed the dogs before heading for the laundry room to get things started. I have an endless supply, well maybe not endless, but a lot of shorts, T shirts, socks and underpants enough to keep me going for at least three weeks if the need should ever arise and usually, I try to do laundry at least once a week. That way, it doesn’t take more than one washer and one dryer and is easier to handle. As with all campground laundry rooms, it’s a first come, first served thing and you just have to hope that another camper is not hogging all of the machines. There are four washing machines and four dryers but they can get taken pretty quickly and timing and luck is everything. I don’t have the luxury of being able to see the laundry room from Miss Daisy so it is a question of trusting to that same luck that a machine is available. There is a sign on the wall requesting that each camper limits their use to no more than two machines at a time but we all know how that can go human nature being what it is. I noticed another sign showing an app that allows a camper to pay with their phone which I installed as I waited. Saves having to mess around with the coin machine plus it notifies you when the laundry needs attention. It is easier to take everything in the Jeep rather than carry it and with the two loads in two machines, I returned to Miss Daisy for breakfast and to work on the blog among other things that needed my attention. An hour later, I went back to the laundry room to put everything in the dryer and spent some time talking to Melinda, the Park Super who was busy cleaning the laundry room as she does everyday before returning to Miss Daisy. Finally, after enough time had passed, I went back one more time to fold and then put all of the laundry back in the Jeep.
The easy part was putting the laundry away. The hard part was remaking the bed and for those of you that follow this blog, have read the difficulties involved. It did go much smoother than usual, maybe because I have figured the best way to do it and in no time flat, I had it made with a lot of help from Mikey who insisted that he knew what he was doing. Of course, he got in the way but we had fun. With the laundry done for at least one more week and the bed made and breakfast out of the way, I settled down to write and take care of some business a part of which was to order more business cards that I give out advertising the blog to anyone who may be interested. I had run out some time ago and the cards needed updating to show the new blog and the new content. I used to have one of those magnetic signs attached to the truck door advertising the blog until they started to use aluminum paneling on the truck bodies which of course, magnets won’t stick to.
In no time at all, it was time for the afternoon walk. There are no trails here at this park but the roads outside are pretty quiet and the park itself is pretty big. We usually just take a short walk in the mornings and a longer one in the afternoon to try to get in at least a mile or more a day. Following the walk which was uneventful except for an episode when we passed a house that had a mini bulldog running up and down the fence barking with a peculiar very gruff sounding bark. Sandy had decided that she should say hello and we had almost reached the fence line when a huge Bull Mastiff came running out and barking like crazy. The thing was absolutely humongous and noisy enough that Sandy decided that making friends was not such a good idea after all. We all quickly retreated back a safe distance with Mikey leading the way and continued our walk back to Miss Daisy congratulating ourselves on a lucky escape although I don’t think either of them could have jumped the fence. Still, an interesting episode plus an even more interesting choice of dogs by the owner.

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