Wednesday 12/15/2021

Some of the rockwork at the park. I wonder how old these walls are? I would be willing to bet it is a dying art as nobody builds drywalls anymore.

I woke up late….again and it was close to 9:00 am before I crawled out of the sack to face another day in paradise. Well, maybe Henly is not paradise but the lifestyle is really close. It’s like non stop camping with much more luxury. We went out for our usual half mile walk around the park changing direction a couple of times in order to avoid other dogs also out walking their owners. More of an embarrassment thing with both of my dogs barking up a storm than a worry about any confrontations. I don’t know what it is with small dogs as they are always so noisy. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism and they hope to frighten the other dogs off with their barking. It doesn’t work if the other dog is doing the same. If we do eventually make contact or rather, if Sandy makes contact, everything quiets down as they go about the business of nose touching followed by the inevitable butt sniffing and if they each measure up they are friends for life or at least until the next time they meet when the whole process is repeated. Mikey, usually after his initial barking from afar, hides behind me so that I can protect him just in case….I have noticed that big dogs are much more tolerant of those smaller than themselves, given the choice that is, and are generally much better behaved. Not true every time but generally speaking. Maybe much more confident with their size advantage. As long as they are leashed, that is. This park has very strict rules regarding dogs and all have to be on a leash if they are outside. They do not allow individual dog pens outside of your RV but do allow a dog to be tethered on a long leash outside for a while and under supervision.

Today is a windy blustery day, overcast but not really looking like rain. I have a trip in to Austin to see my Dentist set up for this afternoon and have to drive back in for that. I have also arranged for a flu shot with my regular Doctor on Friday but that is in Dripping Springs. I plan on setting up a Covid Booster while I am there. I have noticed that in the stores, very few people are wearing masks any more. Several of the stores have posted that people with the full protection of the Covid shots do not have to wear them and people are quick to follow those guidelines but I would rather be on the safe side even though I have had both of my shots. Not that I like a mask as it fogs up my glasses but why take a chance?

I had to refill the bird feeders as the birds had managed to empty them. At least there are birds and not deer eating the seed and as I mentioned before, so different from the last four campgrounds where there were no birds of any description that visited the feeders. Still don’t know why that was.

I made the trip into Austin to visit my Dentist who is the third since living in Texas. The other two both retired, one out of choice and the other had an illness that prevented her from working anymore. This one is just a young guy and will definitely outlast me. We had a regular cleaning scheduled, no big deal except the traffic driving in was horrendous resulting in my being 30 minutes late for the appointment. They still fitted me in with no waiting for which I was very grateful. Needless to say that although the cleaning went well, the end result was the discovery that a couple of teeth needed filling resulting in my having to return at a later date. I wonder why it is that there is always a follow up to these things. Is it by design or just because my 85 year old teeth really need the work? Oh well.
The trip home took as long as the one going in as by that time, I was in the middle of rush hour traffic, again. When I finally got back to Miss Daisy, the dogs demanded that we go walkies immediately which we did for a mile or so before returning for food and the evening’s entertainment.

Thursday 12/16/2021

Today was a stay at home do nothing day or at least nothing that required jumping in the car and visiting places far and wide. We did our usual walkabout in the morning and it too was very quiet not meeting any dogs or humans along the way. Following our walk we adjourned to Miss Daisy for breakfast and then to the computer to catch up on emails and then to write the blog. By the way, most of my emails are junk and quickly disposed of with the very occasional one that requires some attention from me. A lot are from the different RV emailers that I subscribe to and occasionally I will get some useful information that I find I can use. Mostly junk though.
We went out for our afternoon walk and because it was such a lazy day, took the time to walk a little further in the roads outside the campground this time not meeting any noisy or ferocious dogs, thank goodness.
All in all, a nice quiet peaceful day something to relish occasionally.

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