Friday 12/17/2021

The road outside where we walk

We got up early and did our usual walk. This time, I fed the dogs and then had to jump into the Jeep as I had an early appointment in Dripping Springs at Austin Regional Clinic to get a flu shot. The line moved quickly and before long, I was on my way out of the door but not before arranging a Covid Booster shot which will happen on the 23rd of this month at the same place. With that out of the way, I drove into Austin and back to PostNet to pick up my mail most of which was uninteresting stuff. I did get a couple of Christmas cards, one each from my two Sons in England which was very nice so it did make the trip worthwhile.

On the way out of Austin, I made two stops. The first was at Walmart’s in the hope that like the one in Livingstone, this one may have a Hairdressers but no such luck. The second was at my Optometrist as my regular glasses appear to be cloudy and I can’t get them clean. I think the lenses are scratched. I had resorted to an older pair that worked OK but do need new stronger lenses and made an appointment for the following week. I also needed groceries and thought about trying the new HEB in Oak Hill but decided to continue on back to Dripping Springs and do my shopping in the HEB there getting the few things that I wanted. I also stopped to fill up the car at the same HEB where the gas is much cheaper. On the way home, I spotted a Great Cuts hairdressers and decided to try it but when I walked in, I needed either an appointment or wait 80 mins. I thankfully declined and drove back to Miss Daisy.

After calming the dogs down and putting the groceries away, we harnessed up and went out for a long walk around the park and on the roads outside. This time, nothing eventful happened, no big dogs barking up a storm or anything like that and we returned to settle down for food and the evening’s entertainment. Incidentally, I have finished watching all of the reruns of Midsomer Murders and am now watching Yellowstone.
A busy but rewarding day.

Saturday 12/18/2021

The view out of the front window. Luckily, the campsite in front of us is open at least for today.

We awoke in the night to the sounds of heavy thunder but feeling safe and secure inside MIss Daisy, rolled over and went back to sleep. When we woke up in the morning, it had rained overnight and was cloudy and looked threatening but as it was not actually raining, we went out for the morning walk. It had cooled down quite considerably and I wished I had brought a jacket resulting in just a short walk before returning back to MIss Daisy for breakfast and coffee. It came on to rain pretty heavily for an hour or so but we were snug and secure inside of Miss Daisy and watched from indoors. The bird feeders blew over in the storm and I needed to stand the shepherds crook back upright again. Not an easy job as it requires punching a hole in the dirt for the post to stand in and as I no longer have the right sort of tools, I had to make do. I ended up pounding first a long screwdriver and then a flat bar into the dirt to get a deep enough hole to get it started then beat on the bottom of the shepherds crook to make it stable. Satisfied with my efforts and with the crook now upright again, I swept up the birdseed that had fallen from the containers when they blew over and replaced it into the feeders before rehanging everything. That saved wasting a whole bunch of bird seed and hopefully, the birds will clean up what is left on the ground. That turned out to be the major excitement for the day unless you count banging my head on the slideout as I walked around MIss Daisy. Just wasn’t paying attention I guess as my thoughts were on where to find the right tools for the job and I didn’t duck in time.

We have no plans for today and actually have nothing until Monday when I have a follow up with Dr Epstein, my Dermatologist. I was hoping this was not going to happen but apparently a couple of biopsies require extra treatment, darn it. Still, considering the alternative, it is worth the trip. I spent the afternoon writing before we went out for the afternoons walk. The weather was blustery and much cooler requiring both a shirt and a jacket. Once we were out, Sandy made sure we didn’t get cold as she raced along at breakneck speed stopping here and there when an exciting smell hit her nose. Altogether for the day we covered 1.5 miles and for the week a total of 12.5 miles. Not bad for walking the park and the outside roads.

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