We are back at Henly RV Park
arriving here in the dark
setting up camp as we usually do
me and the dogs who are my crew
although in fact they are not much help
as I do the work all by myself
backing and levelling and hooking things up
and parking the Jeep in front of the truck
going inside and straightening the mess
that the bouncing and jolting which is a test
of how good I am at packing my stuff
as the driving along can be very rough
all that rocking and rolling along the road
can quickly upset the slightest load
set up and ready one more time
to live this life we find so sublime
and the simple truth believe it or not
is Miss Daisy is easy to park in the spot
and with the push of a button is perfectly level
making life easy for this old fellow
I really like this RV life
wandering around with little strife
with the minimal amount of fuss
we are three and it is just us
no one else for whom to care
and no other person about to share
this wonderful life out on the road
me and two dogs sharing the load.

Written 12/05/2021 – Check out my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com