Monday, 12/27/2021

This is called, The Round School, located in Old Heathfield in England. It is where I spent my early school years until I was eleven years old. We hid under our desks when the German Planes flew over.

Well, the Christmas season is over for another year at least in the Allcorn Residence or should I say RV. Not just the Christmas Season but the entire year is nearly over with only 4 more days to go. The year has flown by, but they tend to do that as one ages, another indication that life is ending. It is funny, when you are young, you cannot wait for the day you can retire from working every day for a living. Then it happens and although it can be the most wonderful time of your life, you realize there is a price to pay at the end of it as time passes by more swiftly and generally much faster than it ever did during your working life. 
The website is back up and running thanks to the Happiness Engineers at WordPress, but I have decided that I will continue to write in Word as it catches all the mistakes that I tend to make and helps with both grammar and structure. I always thought I was a rather good writer until I started using the Word program and it brought home to me all the nuances and mistakes that I make as I write, correcting them for me along the way. The miracles of modern writing… 
I had several blogs already written that needed posting plus the ones written in Word that needed to be copied to the website which kept me busy for most of the day. As I sat here, another couple of RVs pulled into the temporary sites filling the ones vacated by the ones that left early this morning. One is huge, but the owners knew what they were doing and had it set up in no time flat. Even as I watched, yet another, this time a Class A towing a Jeep, has just pulled into the final available space. The Campers are on the move, and it is another sunny day with the temperature in the mid-seventies. All of this in December… 
After spending most of the day in working on the website and writing new blogs and loading ones already written, Sandy kept reminding me that it was time for me to spend some time and attention to her in particular and maybe Mikey who she grudgingly included. So, I closed everything down and harnessed them both up to go out for their afternoon walk. As usual, Sandy led the way and took us on a very circuitous route around the park before heading through the gate and walking down the hill. We never know where we are going when she takes the lead. It was a peaceful walk with not too much pulling and tugging and she even slowed down a bit towards the end while Mikey did his best to keep up. Between them, they dragged me along or I let them think they did as I was really in control all the time. Well, most of it. Altogether, we covered 2 miles for the day which is our goal. 
We got back to Miss Daisy and sat outside for a bit. A couple of the men from the RV that moved in today stopped by to chat. Turns out they are from Austin and just visiting the park for fun. They moved on and we went back inside for our evening meal to end another day of laziness and complete enjoyment. 
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