Tuesday, 12/28/2021

The flowers that the departing guests gave to me.

I was so comfortable laying around that I did not get up until 10:00 am. I really was being very lazy but we had nothing planned for the day so it is not like I was ruining any expectations or was late for any appointments.  Of course, by some people’s standards, I had wasted half of the day which is true but then again, to those same people, my way of life is wasting much more than half a day. I am sure that if I had a mate other than the dogs, I would set myself different standards or they would be set for me as is the way of women but as I do not. I set my own, thank goodness.  That includes getting up later than usual, occasionally. 
It was a dull cloudy morning, overcast with some light drizzle but not enough to warrant wearing a jacket. Just as we walked out of the door, my neighbors that I spent time talking to yesterday, were pulling out taking the long way around the park. I noticed that they had left something behind on their site, so I dragged the dogs over and picked up a couple of large lids for plastic containers and then headed out of the gate to hopefully intercept the other campers. I managed to beat them out onto the street as they had to take the long one way direction and when they stopped, handed them the lids, and wished them a safe journey. The wife was so grateful that she gave me a posy of flowers that she had been holding. Made my day that I was able to catch up with them and it saved them having to buy new lids. We continued our walk, but it was only a short one before heading back to Miss Daisy. 
After a breakfast of toast, marmite, marmalade, and coffee and of course, feeding my two little buddies, I settled down in front of the computer as is the usual custom. I have an exceptionally good friend that does everything on her phone and for her, the computer is the last resort. I, on the hand, prefer the computer over the phone with the much larger screen and stability of a fixed object. Of course, I use the phone when I am out, but it is not my first choice although I use the phone’s camera a lot. Each to their own. Again, I am using the Word program to write the blog as it does so many more corrections. Incidentally, I sent away for a bunch of business cards that contain the latest blog address, but I keep forgetting to hand them out. Gotta work on that. 
I spent a couple of hours posting the blogs that I have already written, attaching pictures and such. I noticed that I have completely missed a day, so I guess nothing too important happened. Oh well, I am sure that nobody is going to email me and complain about the missing day. Must have been a particularly dull day for it not to have something about it to stick in my mind.  
I looked up Great Clips in Dripping Springs on my phone and found that I could make a reservation which I promptly did for 30 minutes ahead giving me enough time to jump in the car and make the short 11-mile journey in from Henly. When I arrived, I walked in complete with mask only to be told that they would call me when a chair was available. I opted to sit outside in the sun as it was only a short wait and watched the people coming and going. There was an ice cream store nearby and it had a lot of customers, mostly kids. Very soon, I was inside getting my hair cut by a young lady by the name of Ariel. She listened attentively as I described the problems that I was having with one side of my hair which naturally is thinning on the top anyway. Ariel went to work and before very long, had done a wonderful job and I had a nicely trimmed short back and sides. She had even straightened out the “trouble spot.” Overall, she did an exceptionally decent job, and I will be sure to ask for her again when I need my next haircut, assuming I am still in the area. 
From there. my next stop was to the HEB which, compared to my previous visit before Christmas, was relatively quiet. I wore my mask, and it bothers me to see the number of people that are not wearing theirs. Seems to be such a small price to pay to remain healthy. Even some of the older people who should know better are maskless as are many of the HEB employees. Not that I like wearing mine as it fogs up my glasses, but needs must. With the shopping done and safely stowed away in the Jeep, I made a stop at Starbucks only to discover it was closed and that at 4:00 pm in the afternoon.  They gave no reason, but it is just as well as my taste for Starbucks and coffee in general, seems to be off just lately. Even the morning one brewed at home does not sit as well as it used to. Maybe, it is time to switch to tea again, just like my days in England when we drank it by the gallon and in fact, I had been thinking of an alternative drink when I pulled in to Starbucks.
The dogs were incredibly pleased to see me and the first thing I see when I pull up in front of Miss Daisy is usually Sandy’s little white head peering eagerly through the windshield. Behind her is Mikey who is always overshadowed by the gregarious and pushy little girl. Just like all women, Sandy demands to be the center of attention even when we are out walking as she is the one that makes advances to any other person we happen to bump into who she thinks might give her that attention. Typical of the female species.

We took some interesting pictures on the walk.

Just being nosy
Horse in the background and very inquisitive deer

I put away the groceries that needed to go into the freezer and left the rest littered all around Miss Daisy as we went out for the afternoon or in this case, evenings walk as it was just beginning to get dark. When we got back after covering almost 2 miles for the day, I finished putting away groceries and straightened up Miss Daisy before settling down to the evening meal and watchng football of the English kind on TV.
So ended another day in paradise. 

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