Saturday 01/08/2022


It was a dull and cloudy day with a light drizzle when we went out for our short morning walk around the park. We did not go far as it was uncomfortable to be outside and quickly returned to the warmth of Miss Daisy. I fixed the dogs their breakfast but as is sometimes the case with them, they both chose to ignore the food. Obviously not that hungry. Their choice but it probably due to the fact that I have spiced up their last couple of meals with the skin and stuff from a couple of roast chickens that I have been eating carefully making sure they do not get any chicken bones. As we are out of chicken, they had better eat what is in front of them. I, on the other hand had no trouble devouring the food I prepared for myself along with the morning coffee and feeling much better about myself and the world in general, went about our normal day. For me, this means catching up on emails and correspondence and the world news before settling down to write the blog. We have nothing planned for the day of exceptional importance although a trip to HEB is in the works. 

I completed work on the three previous blogs and posted them after attaching pictures that we have taken. I noticed that I write a lot of “we” which is including the dogs even for things like writing and such and of course, their contribution is negligible, nothing, zero. They are too busy sleeping each in their own respective spot and figure that they contributed by taking me walking. Of course, it is a lot more than that as without them and their attention to me, it would be a lonely life. Besides, they keep me on track and make sure that I get exercise every day. Now if only they could do something about my aging brain although , indirectly, walking and exercise is supposed to be a big help

Later in the afternoon, I went in to the HEB to stock up again. Generally speaking, we go about a week in between grocery trips and even then, it is only because we have run out of certain necessary items. On the way home, I decided that a Latte would be nice, wary that the last time I tried the local Starbucks, they had closed because of a staff shortage. There were three cars in line ahead of me as I pulled up to the order window only for a voice to tell me, “Sorry, we are closed at 5:00 pm today”. I looked at my watch and commented on the fact that it was only 5.01 but to no avail as the voice said the same thing over again, “Sorry, we are closed at 5:00 pm today”. Totally disgusted and thinking, but not saying, a few choice words I pulled out around the 3 cars in line and headed home. I had 11 miles to ponder what had just happened as I fumed my way home thinking of all the nasty things that I could have said before the saner, gentler part of my brain had kicked in and I got to analyzing what they should have done. I understand that they need to follow orders, but I doubt that their instructions included not waiting on someone wanting to order and was already in line. What they should have done was to close when the line was empty, and the last customer served. It is not like that store is nonstop busy as there have been many times when I have been the only customer. I am sure, if they knew, Starbucks Management would not be too happy to hear of this. 

It is either pretty sad or an indication of just how trouble free my life is right now that something of this nature made such an impression on me. There are millions of people all over the world that are not sure where their next meal is coming from, and I am worrying about poor service at a Starbucks? That truly reflects my values and how I have allowed life to become all about me. We are all so ingrained with our own perceived self-importance, real or imagined, that we have lost sight of the meaning of life and how it affects other people. 

Putting those dark thoughts to one side, I went about the normality’s that I am used to by unloading the groceries from the car and putting away the ones that needed to go into the freezer leaving the rest, still in their plastic bags, spread all over the floor. The dogs were jumping up and down to remind me that, “We gotta go, Dad” so I slipped on their harnesses and with my two little friends, went out for the evening walk. Unless I need to steer them away from other dogs, Sandy usually decides where we walk so, we never really know which direction she will take us. One thing is certain, it is not going to be a straight line. If by chance, she is going somewhere I do not want us to go either because it is time to head back or something down the road like another dog, I gently re-direct her back on track.  
Back at Miss Daisy after about a half mile of walking for a total of 1.5 for the day, we went ahead with our usual evening routine of food, a glass of cheap wine and television before heading off to bed where we all slept like the proverbial babies. 

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