Sunday 01/09/2022

The beauty of Nature

We awoke to another lazy day which began in the usual way of walking the dogs around the park, checking out any comings or goings. As it was a bit early for any such activity with most travelling campers leaving before the allotted time of 12:00 pm and new campers arriving any time after. Unless of course, if the leaving Campers have a long trip ahead of them to their next stop, then they leave earlier. A big percentage of the campers here are either long term somewhat permanent residents or those like me, here for a couple of months or more. One gentleman I spoke to was here to Supervise the building of a store, one of the well-known chains, before he moved on to the next one, wherever that may be. Interesting way to work and bring your home with you and it did not matter where the next project was. 
In my much younger days in England, I worked for a pipe-line construction company, and we travelled all over to wherever the projects were. As that was sixty years ago and RVs or Caravans as they were called over there, were not that popular an item back then, I had to find lodgings in the local town for my out-of-town stays. I stayed at some very interesting places both good and bad and in retrospect, wish I had a Miss Daisy way back then. As I wrote and watched out of my window, another camper was breaking down his RV ready to pull out. He and his family were weekend warriors out enjoying camping and were probably heading back to their “Bricks and Sticks” to resume their normal life. Between them, including a couple of small kids, they very efficiently broke down the camper after hitching it up to their truck and in no time flat, were pulling out. I was impressed in how quickly and how well they performed this task obviously well used to doing it and in a very organized and businesslike manner. 
We have no plans for today other than what we normally do. I sometimes wonder what I would do with myself if I did not have this blog to fill in my time although I have been writing since 2011 in my other blog at which is still active. That blog was all about my hiking trips and the 5 ponds I had built in my backyard. As my interest’s changed and having sold my house of thirty-five years and moving full time into an RV, so did my blogging take a different path. Now my blog is really a diary of daily events whatever they happen to be again more reporting than writing as I do not have to think up a plot or invent characters as my normal life is doing all of that for me. Interesting enough for a few folks but I do not get the followers I used to when I wrote about the ponds and the hiking trips. In truth, other than daily walks, I have not been on a real hike in a long time. I miss hiking but circumstances have changed. I have gotten older and when I do go out very occasionally, I always take the dogs which does not make for easy walking for any great distance as I keep them leashed all the time. This also makes it much more difficult for me to use my both of my hiking sticks, usually resulting in having to use just a single stick even though the leash is a single handle with a double leash.The sticks really help if I am wanting to cover several miles aiding both in speed and balance and goodness only knows, I need all the help I can get. That plus I carry my camera and am always on the lookout for any interesting shots and dogs tend to frighten off any wildlife or birds. 

We have nothing planned for this week except on Wednesday when Auto lite is coming to replace the windshield on the Jeep that was cracked by a rock way back in January. It is just a single crack and does not impair visibility and due to being away, I was unable to get it replaced sooner. 
With the day almost done, we went out for the final walk mainly on the outside roads and managed to cover 1.5 miles total. It had turned cold with the wind blowing and we moved at a brisk speed for me. The dogs just trotted along without a care in the world just happy to be out. I even tried running just to see if I still could and not very far and although my legs and breathing were fine, my balance was a bit off, so I need to work on that. 
The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion with food for us all followed by TV and a glass of cheap wine for me. 

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