Monday 01/10/2022

Brave flowers

We have nothing planned for today or at least, nothing requiring a trip into town or a meeting with some Doctor or another or even with my friend BJ. I have things I need to do here in Miss Daisy such as to go through the boxes stored in the bunk area to try to locate a missing jacket. If I cannot find it, I will need to buy me a heavier coat for these cold mornings. I have searched everywhere else even in the Jeep to no avail. I cannot believe that I donated it as I did with so many of my clothes just not having the storage room for very much. Come to that, I do not need much in the way of formal clothes anyway as I cannot remember the last time, I wore a tie. It must have been years ago, and I can’t remember how to tie a Windsor knot anyway. Shorts and Tee shirts are my modus operandi nowadays. 
We did our usual walk around the park thingy this morning. The air was quite chilly but there is no frost forecast for the next 10 days although the temperatures will be low at night but not freezing. Before living in an RV, I never used to think or worry about frosts and freezing weather and just turned up the thermostat if needed to but now, due to the structure of the RV itself and having to watch for freezing pipes, I pay a lot more attention to the weather forecast, especially in the winter. 
With the first walk of the day and breakfast out of the way yet again, I settled down to read the emails just in case there may be one of interest or that requires an answer. As usual, most were junk or from fellow bloggers who I always take the time to read and sometimes respond. I usually get some from the political parties and they always want money, so I have decided to take myself off their mailing lists and drop out of all form of politics. I may still vote but only because my vote counts to keep the Democrats in power. I am so sick and tired of the political hassling and that neither party want to work with the other for the sake of the American people. Our Democracy is in real trouble, and I fear a bunch of civil unrest is in the future even more so than there is today. 
As I mentioned above, we have nothing planned so I decided that I would check out the boxes in the bunk storage area not only to find the jacket but also to see what else I have stored up there. At the time, I did not label the various container boxes as I was transferring the stuff from the Eagle to Miss daisy along with help from my good friend B.J. and we were not only late but it was also dark. At that time, our thoughts were to get everything put somewhere out of the way and worry about it later. Well, now it is later, and I need to see just what is in some of those boxes. I should mention that the storage area is located above the driver’s cab and in order to get to it, one must climb a short iron ladder which is hooked for safety. Once up there, the headroom is just high enough for small kids which is the original intent of that area as a bunk area for them. I could really have used some help, but needs must, so I went about the business of bringing down the packing crates one by one going up and very carefully down the ladder until everything was stacked on the floor. 
I spent a couple of hours going through each box, sorting and in some cases, discarding the contents or transferring them to each designated and this time, labelled crate. Eventually, satisfied that it was the best I could do and with the contents of each crate identified, I went about the business of lifting the now much heavier crates back up the ladder and onto the bunk area deck. With the work completed and now with a couple of spare and empty storage crates which I took outside to the other storage areas and happy with having a job well done, plus, I had the added bonus of locating my winter clothes including the jacket which was the original intent in the first place. I found a bunch of other useful things as well 
By this time, it was late in the afternoon and the dogs fed up with having to help sort out boxes, decided that we needed to go out for their afternoon walk. I harnessed them up and off we went, this time taking the long lane outside of the RV park. Altogether, we covered 1.5 miles for the day which finished in the usual fashion. 

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