Wild woods

Another day with nothing planned so there was no real reason to get up early. I did make the effort though and rolled out about 9:15 am for our usual routine of walks and breakfast. Today was laundry day so gathering up my trusty bag full of soiled clothes plus a couple of towels, I drove over to the laundry room, which, as it turns out was busy. I managed to locate a couple of empty machines and divided my laundry between them. Try as I might, I could not get the App to work that allows for pay-online and also keeps track of the progress. I resorted to the old-fashioned money in the slot after also exchanging my dollar bills for quarters. There was another gentleman also doing his laundry and he did not have any problems in getting the app to work for him. Malinda, one of the Park Super’s stopped by and managed to get the machine working for me using my quarters. Frustrated at not getting the modern technology to work for me, I drove back to Miss Daisy for breakfast knowing that I would just have time to eat it before having to go back to transfer the laundry to the dryer. I only needed one dryer but again, could not get the app to work but the end result was an hour later, I was back and folding the laundry. 
With it all folded and out of the way and everything back into their respective drawers and closets, I sat down and decided that I seriously needed to make an appointment to renew my driver’s license, something I had been putting off in the hope that my new glasses would be here in time but somehow, I do not think that will happen. The current ones I am using are now third generation with the new ones that are on order being the first. The second generation have scratched lenses making them difficult to see clearly although they may be OK just for reading. The last time I took the test 6 years ago, I had to run back to the car and get a different pair of glasses then as I was having trouble. I barely squeaked through back then so you can see why I am a bit worried this time around 6 years later. The requirements are also much stiffer as I must provide proof of citizenship which I can do with my Naturalization Certificate. I have never had to do that before that I can remember. 
I also spent time on answering some of the test questions in the practice test section and I need to do that again closer to the day. Most were straightforward but the ones on things like what speed is safe for xxxx or those with multiple choice answers were a bit tricky. I will practice every day from here on out. Most of the tricky ones they ask are not things you deal with on a daily basis or at least not in a straightforward way and many are things that are second nature as you drive but more difficult to put into words. Things like, under certain circumstances, do you slow down to 30 mph or 35 mph like that 5 mph makes a difference at the time. Maybe in a court of law but out on the road. Please….Oh well, all I can do is my best and hope that my memory does not fail me. 
Sandy kept giving me the look enough that even Mikey noticed, and he too became a bug, so I knew it was time for us to go out walking. The weather was really chilly, and I was glad that I had found the heavy coat. Need to find some gloves too as my hands got cold and I had to keep switching the leash alternating between each one with the other in my pocket. I have decided that with unfinished business still to attend to, some of which is very close to the end of the month and keeping in mind how severe the weather was last February, we will stay here through the end of January and February before heading out. I texted Malinda and made the necessary arrangements today and we are all set. Of course, a lot depends on the DL thingy as without it, I ain’t going nowhere which does lead to some interesting and disturbing thoughts. If I can’t drive anymore, there is no point in having Miss Daisy as I bought her to travel and see the country. I would have to find a location to permanently park my RV and then I might as well buy another used 5th wheel for the extra space and have someone else park it permanently at the campground of my choice. Things to ponder on. 

Written 01/12/2022 – Read my other blog at https/:pondblog2011.com