The beauty of Nature

I had a restless night with very weird dreams with some of the characters, members of the award-winning Women’s Soccer Team I used to coach years ago. Maybe, I was trying to turn back the clock to some of the best days of my life with that bunch of adult ladies. Anyway, I woke up much to the consternation of Mikey and Sandy who looked at me as if to say, “You OK Dad?”  I must have been thrashing around as I sometimes do and if I get violent, they disappear off the bed to safer places. As they were still with me, it must not have been too bad this time around. I remade the bed, and we all went back to a much sounder sleep with no more dreams waking to another bright and sunny day. 
Again, it was another day with no special plans or trips, and we hung out in Miss Daisy following our early morning walk. Maybe, I should call that the First Walk of the day as it is generally not very early especially by our standards. This was followed by the mandatory coffee and breakfast which included feeding the dogs although they can be very fussy eaters. Sometimes, they will gobble down their food the instant it is put in front of them. Other times, it sits around, sometimes all day before they condescend to eat it. Mikey must have had an upset tummy as he suddenly started vomiting while he was sitting on the couch. When I hollered at him to get down, he did only to jump up on a different chair and continue throwing up. Furthers shouts only increased his movement as he then went to the passenger seat of Miss Daisy to complete what he had started. I was angry at him which I should not have been as he could not help being sick, but he made a poor choice of where he did it not once but three times. He knew I was mad at him and sat there looking at me with his big brown eyes as if to say, “Sorry Dad, bad choice on my part.” I cleaned up the mess and made a fuss of him and he settled down alongside me as he usually does. It was probably my fault as I had stopped him from eating grass when we were walking which usually results in his throwing up outside. Live and learn. 
I spent time writing the blog and watched as one RV, this time an Airstream, pulled out but not before it had to have some repair work done by James, the gentleman who worked on Miss Daisy. As soon as he had completed his work, they were gone obviously with another campground in mind. Almost immediately as if by rote, anther Airstream pulled in. It is unusual as they are not the most common of RV’s mainly due to their cost which is considerably higher than most RVs of the same size and type. They are renowned in the RV world for their quality of build and their silver aluminum exterior and unique shape. Not only that, but they have also been around a very long time.
We went out for our usual afternoon walk and covered almost 2 miles for the day followed by food all around. The evening was spent in the usual way watching TV. I watched an FA cup game which is always interesting as the minnows from the earlier rounds are now thrown into the hat against the big boys with sometimes surprising results.
Written 01/15.2022 – Check out my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com