Cool summer trail

With the excitement of having yet another birthday out of the way and hoping that they never end, we settled back into our normal routine although not without incident. Sandy was demanding that we get up in no uncertain terms which is unusual for her so I deemed she must have an emergency on hand and quickly threw on my clothes and we hustled out of the door. Neither she nor Mikey could barely make it to the small patch of grass outside of Miss Daisy which is considered as “mine” before relieving themselves. I knew something was wrong before that as one of them, I suspect Mikey, had an “accident” inside of Miss Daisy overnight luckily on the floor and not on the floor mat which I cleaned up on our return. It must have been something I fed them that caused their upset tummies. After cleanup, I went back to shaving and showering that I had foregone in view of Sandy’s urgent and desperate pleading. 
I refrained from feeding them any sort of canned food for breakfast in view of their upset tummies and if they get hungry, they can eat the hard food which is always available to them. It was cold out on our walk, and I was glad of the heavy jacket. We did not see any other dogs walking their humans. I made breakfast and coffee for me as I did not have the same problems as the dogs and felt perfectly fine and we settled down to our normal routine. We do not have anything planned for the day except for maybe a trip to the local HEB. I really do have to find something interesting to eat for my evening meal as most of my latest efforts have been very disappointing. Even the stew I made in the InstaPot was a disaster and just did not taste right. Something was missing but I do not know what. Food has now become just a necessity something, I must do to stay alive. I do not eat for the pleasure of it except for things like ice cream or chocolate or something similarly as bad. Oh well, like everything else in my life, things are changing. 
I sat and wrote for a while and posted a couple of blogs before deciding that I really needed to go into Dripping Springs to the HEB store and get some necessities. There are a few staples that always need replenishing, bread, wine, frozen food, more wine, milk, and so on. Oh yes, did I mention wine? Actually, I am very good and always limit myself to no more than two small glasses an evening and I prefer white over red, and it is always of the cheap variety. As I know nothing about wines, cheap stuff tastes just as good to me as the more expensive variety. I noticed that about 50% of the shoppers wore masks and it looked an even split between young and old. I wore mine and the one good thing is that my new glasses did not fog up anywhere near as much. I have no idea why not but maybe it’s the different lens size or the lack of frames. With the groceries stowed safely in the Jeep, my next move was to stop at Starbucks as I had already forgiven them for their previous lack of service only to discover that, yet again they were closed due to the shortage of staff. They must be losing money hand over fist. 

I drove back to Henly, and I was met by my two little buddies ready to go walking. First though, I put the groceries away with lots of help, I might add before we trucked off around the park for the last walk of the day. I remembered that I had to add water to the freshwater tank for the evening as another frost was forecast which only took 10 minutes before unhooking the water pipe from Miss Daisy and covering the water spigot so it would not freeze. Just like in a regular house where one covers the outside faucets, we do this it is to prevent the hose from freezing up and either bursting or causing damage to either the RV or the water standpipe. Putting water in the freshwater tank gets us through for however long there is danger of freezing. That was our last chore of the evening apart from the usual food preparation and clean up before settling down to watch the television. So ended another day, the first of my new year as an 86-year-old. Funny, I don’t feel any different…

Written 01/22/2022 – Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com