Trails in warmer weather

I awoke late, surprise, surprise to a beautiful sunny day. It was still cold out but no longer freezing as we walked around the park and the outside lane and managed to walk 1.3 miles making it a good start for the day. We passed the two dogs that live in a house along the way and was greeted with a very noisy reception from them. Obviously, we did not belong in their territory. We walked on past and continued for a bit before heading back to Miss Daisy for breakfast.  
Generally speaking, it was a very quiet and slow day. I worked on emails and then the blog for a while and then a few other things that needed my attention. I turned my attention to Miss Daisy where the radio/everything else are on one big screen that supposed to open when the ignition key is turned on. It is a fold out unit and has never worked properly since I had it. I tried to get it to work just to be sure that it did not as I need to contact my Crestview Salesman and get it replaced because it is still under warranty. A brand-new vehicle and this unit has never worked right. So much for quality control at the Ford end.  
Getting an RV worked on when it is your only home, is somewhat of a challenge, unless it is a simple problem and easily fixed. That is why, it is easier to use the travelling mechanics that come to you rather than take it to the repair place. Those mechanics do not work on warranty projects or anything to do with the Ford parts of Miss Daisy. Some of the repair shops, are set up to let you stay in the RV at their place of business while the work is being done if it is only an overnight thing. With this being a warranty repair, Miss Daisy will need to go Georgetown and hopefully for a one-day repair. More on that later. 
There has been a lot of activity across from me in the temporary lots. Temporary in the sense that short timers park in these pull through lots before moving on. I watched as an Airstream appeared to be setting up. I had not seen it come in or noticed it in site 33 where it was now parked. I was busy and not paying attention but the next time I looked, it was gone. Later, two others pulled into the same row and set up. One of them had also parked a tow vehicle pulling a large, covered trailer in another space and the two occupants joined one of the new RV’s. They must be caravanning and had to book two lots even though one is just used as a parking place. 

We went out for our afternoon walk and managed to cover 2.1 miles for the day. We are averaging between 10-12 miles a week consistently which is surprisingly good when you consider it is all short walks around the RV Park. Gotta stay fit somehow as I can’t run and jump anymore and my weightlifting is now limited to 5lb and 10lb hand weights, that is, if I can find them. Sure, they are around somewhere. The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion. 

Written 01/22/2022 – Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com