Sunday 02/23/2022

Evening Sky

Sunday, start of another week here in Henly. Compared to last week when we had something going on nearly every day, this week is slow, so far. I do have a Dentists appointment on Thursday to get the new crowns installed but other than that, nothing else. We did our short walk around the park in the morning with nothing unusual going on. It was cool but this cold front has passed on and there is nothing in the forecast for the next several days. It is quiet around the park but as today is Sunday, it is supposedly a day of rest. Not that it makes any difference to us as every day is a rest day unless we choose otherwise. 

I went into Dripping Springs to the HEB and did some shopping although not needing a great deal. On the way out, just on the off chance they may be open, I stopped at the Starbucks and saw a lengthy line of cars so felt hopeful that I might get lucky. I watched as the car in front of me, pulled up to give its order and then turned out of the line and knew without bothering to stop, that they had closed and once again with customers in line. It is though they have a clock that switches off all the equipment at whatever is the designated closing time for the day. Sure enough, as I passed the order kiosk, there was that sign that said, “Sorry, we are closing at ….” If they got to close, at least put the sign at the start of the drive thru. I drove home and had time to bring in the groceries before taking the dogs out walking. I covered 2 miles for the day, the dogs, not quite as much but as they do not count the miles anyway, it does not matter for them as in my mind, a successful dog walk is that each one does his or her business at least once. More is a bonus (for me). 
Back in Miss Daisy, I put the groceries away and then went about preparing the evening meal for us. Currently, I am on a salad and chicken kick, the chicken, one of the Roasters from HEB. The dogs like this choice of a meal as they get their share of the chicken’s skin and such. The problem with that is they will not eat their canned food even if I mix it as they just pick out the best parts (chicken) and the rest sits. Their choice, their loss. As Marie Antoinette is reputed to have said during the French Revolution, “Let them eat cake” in this case, let them eat dry dog food. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion watching the television with a glass of cheap wine. 

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