Monday 01/24/2022

Miss Daisy

We got up late as I slept late after a peaceful night with no wild dreams or thrashing around and went out for a short walk. It was a dull and miserable looking day with a lot of moisture in the air. I could feel my clothes getting damp as we walked although it was not actually raining. We did less than a half mile before returning to Miss Daisy. Thank goodness that we have no plans for today as it came on to drizzle harder as we ate breakfast, and it really is a dull and gloomy day. Reminds me a bit of the English weather which was one of the reasons that prompted our coming here to America in the first place. 
Following breakfast and a kitchen clean up, I settled down in front of the computer. My recent neighbors from across the street have all pulled out including the parked truck and trailer in the lot next to me. My other neighbor who lives across, must have had problems with his Airstream as he had towed if off about a week ago but had left his mats and such still outside, a sure sign that he was returning. Today, I noticed it was back in its parking space so hopefully whatever was wrong has been repaired. On our walk about this morning, we usually walk the park to see the comings and goings and there is a brand-new Airstream parked in one of the lower lots. They really are nice rigs. I wonder why I never really looked at them. Probably because they are so expensive, and I was set on a Class C because of the ease of travel, setup, and parking. 
I had received Birthday wishes from the Salesman that had sold me Miss Daisy, a nice gesture on his part which also reminded me that I needed work done on her, most of it of the service and warranty nature. I emailed him and am now waiting to hear back. The problem with having any work done on Miss Daisy is that as I live in her full time and unless the repair shop has space and hook ups for overnight stays, then I will have to make other arrangements like a Motel, for the time it takes to do the work. 
I worked on different things and even wrote a couple of poems to pass the time which will get posted on Saturday which I have designated as my Poetry Day. It had stopped raining, so we went out for the final walk of the day around the park and out on the lane leading to Hwy 290. For some reason, both dogs had a strong interest in whatever was in the breeze on the far side of the road and spent a lot of time just sniffing the air. Of course, I could not see or smell anything, so I have no idea what interested them. We got to see the two Zebras that are in the fields across from the RV park but not close enough for a picture. Have not seen them in a while and it is nice to know they are OK. Altogether, we covered a little over a mile for the day. Not bad considering how miserable it was outside. 

We finished off the day in the usual way with food and drinks and English soccer on the television. 

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