Tuesday 02/25/2022

We met this very inquisitive sheep walking the roads outside of the campground.

Another dull and miserable day weatherwise although it was not actually raining, just damp and foggy and on the chilly side. I put on my heavy jacket with the hood to take the dogs walking and we strolled around the park and on the outside road for a bit before returning to Miss Daisy. One of the dogs, Mikey I suspect, had found a corner to pee in which I had not noticed before. The problem was it had soaked under the single mat that I have inside of Miss Daisy. Luckily, it is in an Indoor-outdoor mat, so no actual harm done. I took the mat outside and hosed it off and left it to dry and then went about the clean-up needed because of the dog pee. I also sprayed with anti pee spray in the hope of deterring both dogs from going indoors in the future. Mikey and I had a serious discussion as to his actions and he acted very contritely as I lectured him. I hope he got the message. No good further punishing him as he would not associate it with the peeing. He needs to be caught in the act for anything to register, and I suspect it all happens at night when I am asleep or during the day when I am away. 
With the clean-up done, we settled down to breakfast and coffee following our usual routine. Included in that routine, are the taking of the few medications and supplements that I take daily except for my memory loss pills which are taken at night. if I can remember that is. I spent time on the blog and worked on a few pictures as we have nothing officially planned for today. I decided that I should do laundry but I still have plenty of clean clothes so there is no real urgency. I thought about it for a bit with one part of me saying, “Let us do it now” and the other part saying, “Nah, leave it for another day.” I thought of a couple of other excuses like, “Maybe there are no machines available,” and “It can wait until tomorrow.” Then I reminded myself that tomorrow never comes and, in the end, I sucked it up and headed for the laundry room as I really did not have anything else to do. I should mention that prior to that, I had to go through the dreaded change the sheets on the bed routine which I have complained about before at least a half dozen times. This time, it went much smoother as I think I have figured out a way to make it work and twenty minutes later, the bed was made. 

I usually drive to the laundry room rather than carry the heavy laundry bag plus detergent and today was no exception after having previously watching a gentleman carrying an empty bag, go into the room. I sat outside waiting for him to come out knowing that with him finished, there would be at least one open machine. True to form, the washers closest to the window were both open and I split my laundry between the two. This time, much to my delight, I managed to get the app that not only pays for the wash but also lets me know of the progress, to work, although it did not register the same time for both machines for their completion time. It was off by 10 minutes even though both were set the same. Go figure. I headed back to Miss Daisy to wait for the next phase of putting everything in the driers. When both machines showed, by the wonders of modern technology and this same app that the wash cycle had completed, I walked back to the laundry room and transferred everything into one dryer adding several sheets of static control, and then, back to Miss Daisy to wait it out. By checking my phone periodically, I was able to tell when to go back. Love this system when it works. With the clothes all folded, I headed back to Miss Daisy and then took the dogs out for their evening walk. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion which included putting away the freshly laundered clothes. 

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