Tuesday 01/26/2022

Quite a handsome couple.

Today was another of those with nothing planned of any importance and it started in the usual fashion with a long walk around the park where we covered a little over a mile and then breakfast for me. Both dogs are ignoring the canned food that I normally serve them and if they get hungry, there is always the good old standby, hard food. I vary the cans so if they do not like one, I try a different kind but lately, nothing seems to appeal to their very fussy tastes. Some of that is due to the fact that they get the chicken skins and such from my evening meal and it has made them fussy. Me, I warmed up a burrito and made coffee and I was all set probably until the aforementioned evening meal as I very rarely eat anything through the day. Occasionally, I might make an instant coffee but not often. If I am out and about and happen to pass a Starbucks, well that is a different story although just lately, I have not had much luck at the local Starbucks store as you may have read if you follow my blog. 
Today, the sun is shining and after the last few miserable days, it is indeed a welcome sight. Funny how the sun can change the spirits and make a person feel good especially this time of the year. It is winter after all but here in my part of Texas, very mild compared to other parts of the country. Yet, we still complain if it gets cold or we have the occasional frost or snowfall. There is just no pleasing some people, including me. I like the sun and the feel of its warmth but when it gets around the 100-degree mark then I hibernate inside in the air conditioning. There are limits after all. 
My neighbor across the street who had his carrier re-installed on the back of his RV must have some problems with it as both he and Darryl, the park super, are working on it again. I too have a couple of things I need to work on like the bird feeder that I must rig to stop the deer from tipping it and eating the seed and then indoors, I have a large wooden cutting board that I use to cover the stove and give me more worktop space. It needs a little work which is as simple as attaching two small pieces of wood, one on each side to raise the board up to make a better fit over the stove. Of course, in order to do any of this, I will need to locate the right tools which I have somewhere. Maybe tomorrow…The trouble with this RV life is that unless something is essential or an emergency, it is easy to put it off for another day. Me, I would rather write. When I stop to think of how I am today compared to how I was a few years ago when nothing was impossible or beyond my capabilities, I really am but a shadow of my former self. So much is mental although the physical side is not anything like it was. I hate growing old as I am sure does the old guy in front of me and probably 50% of the people in this park. The other 50% are still too young to realize they are growing older. Besides, they have their whole life in front of them unlike those of us that have already lived most of ours. Any years we have left are a bonus. 
I spent a couple of hours trying to reset up the indoor camera. I had it set previously to where I could click on the app on my phone, and it would give me a current view of the inside of Miss Daisy. Very nice and re-assuring for those times that I had to be away for any length of time as I could see the dogs in real life. I had it situated on the bunk area so that it gave me an interior view of the RV but during one of our travels it was dislodged and has never worked since. I played around doing this and that and then doing it all over again but to no avail growing increasingly frustrated after each attempt. In the end, I had to admit defeat and put the darn thing away to try again another day. Not that another day will make much difference, but it did give me a chance to ease my frustrations by taking the dogs out walking instead, something that I knew I could do without too much trouble and managed to get in 2 miles for the day. 

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