01/27/2022 Thursday

Nature and man-made beauty

We got up early as I knew we had a busy day ahead of us and I wanted to make that early start so as not to be late for my Dentist appointment, scheduled for 1:00pm. We went out for a short walk around the park and then returned for breakfast. I was originally planning to leave around 11:00 am but instead set out at 10:00 am as I had added another stop to the trip, this time to my Optometrist. The new glasses needed a minor frame adjustment as they were pinching my nose. This was the first stop as it was on the way in and as luck would have it, I was seen immediately and in no time flat, was out of there and on the way to PostNet to pick up my mail. This time of the year, mail is more important than normal as some of it is tax related. I sat in the car and opened all the letters checking to see just what I had and if any of it was important enough to be worrying about or only normal stuff that is handled routinely. Luckily, none fell into the former category so with a big sigh of relief, I headed to Walmart’s to do some shopping as I had an hour to kill before the final assignment of the day. I wandered around checking stuff out and convinced myself to buy a couple of towels to cover the seats in Miss Daisy to stop the dogs from dirtying or damaging them. I also bought food as that was the principal reason for shopping there. 

I headed for my last stop to my Dentists to get the caps installed to which I was 5 minutes late and was directed to the dreaded dentist chair. My memories of such visit’s years and years ago were of needles and pain as back then, Dentistry was not as sophisticated as it is today. I was there to get the new caps installed and after a bit of gum numbing on the back of a cotton swab, the Dentist got to work. It took quite a while for him to remove the temporary caps and he had to resort to using his drill and breaking them off in pieces, he had done that good of a job in attaching them. He then went about the task of fitting the new caps and had to make several adjustments before finally attaching them in place. He was immensely proud to show me his workmanship through his mirror and I have to say, they looked great to me too. In all of this, which took a little over an hour, there was no pain or discomfort and no use of any anesthetic although he offered it if I needed it. He did an excellent job and as I had paid in full the previous visit, I walked out of there a happy man, with any luck, not to return until the next teeth cleaning which is due in 6 months’ time. Who knows where I will be then? 
I found a Starbucks on the way home and rewarded myself with a latte and a piece of Nut bread which lasted all of the 10 seconds, the latte a bit longer, before making the drive back to Henly. This time, I took a different route home just for a change, driving past Zilker Park in Austin and recalling the many, many hours of enjoyment playing soccer there in my younger years. Next to Zilker Park is Austin Botanical Gardens which is now home to many of the very large Koi that I raised in my old abode before donating them to this park. 
The rest of the drive was uneventful, and I arrived back to two little dogs who were overjoyed to see me. I made a fuss of them and then put away the groceries before taking them out for their walk. We actually covered 2.4 miles for the day which included walking around Walmart’s for me. 

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