01/28/2022 Friday

The horses on the walk

I awoke really late after sleeping like the proverbial baby and it was almost 10:30 am before we rolled out of bed. Our walk around the park and the outside lane was uneventful and we managed to cover a mile this morning. The day was sunny, but the air was very brisk, and I was glad of the heavy jacket. The big dog was out and barked us a warm welcome as we walked by, but his smaller buddy was not to be seen. A quiet morning with very little activity around the park.  
Back in Miss Daisy, I prepared breakfast for me, nothing exciting, just a bagel and coffee and did not feed the dogs their normal canned food as they appear not to want to eat it. They will not starve nor is it punishment as there is always plenty of hard food for them in their bowls. They just got to decide just how hungry and how spoilt they really are before eating it. Maybe, they only need feeding once a day. 
With nothing planned for today after such a busy day yesterday, I settled down to answer emails and write the blog. I spent a couple of hours working on both the blog and on trying to find a lost file in Adobe Lightroom which is the program that I use to work on my pictures. I never did find it but was able to re-create it with no pictures or touch ups lost. I do not know if it is my computer, but Lightroom is extremely slow, and it takes forever to load stuff. Just adds to my frustration. 
We went out for a final walk of the day and covered a total of 2 miles. It was very chilly with a brisk wind adding to the discomfort. We took the walk on the road directly outside of the park that leads down the hill. There is one house that has a couple of big dogs. One is very friendly, but I am not sure about the other. It barks a lot and does not make any attempt to be friends even though Sandy tried. Luckily, they are both on the other side of a strong fence. As we walked, several vultures took off as we approached. I could see that they had been feeding on the carcass of a sheep that had died from something. Such is Nature’s way to not leave anything unused even when it is dead as it provides food and nourishment for something else that is still living. Nothing gets wasted under her system. Not like us humans who are the most wasteful things on the planet. We continued our walk to the end of the road and on the way back, the vultures were still perched in the tree waiting for us to pass by before resuming their important clean-up work. We finished the walk, and I was glad to be back inside to the warmth of Miss Daisy for the evening which was uneventful. 

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