01/29/2021 – Saturday

The beauty of Nature

It’s the weekend although to me, no different than any other day. I can remember as a working man that the weekends, Saturdays, and Sundays, were so welcome giving us the breaks we needed from our jobs and at the same time, allowing us to do the things we liked the best. In my case, most of the time was spent in some form of physical activity either by myself like working out in the gym or going on long hikes. In my younger days, I played football, the kind with a round ball, twice a week on both Saturdays and Sundays. To me, it was all about physical activity and team sports, the more the merrier. That was not counting maintaining the 5 ponds that I had built and the half acre yard at my old house. I managed to play football until I was seventy-two when I had knee replacement surgery which put an end to my playing days which is when I turned to hiking to keep active. 

Now, as I age, most forms of real physical activity are behind me although hiking is still in my future. Not so much at the present time except for the mile or more that we cover every day. Hiking by myself or with my friend BJ is one thing. Hiking with two dogs, albeit of the small variety presents a different set of problems. I do not trust them off the leash which means that they are always attached to me whether by my hand or hooked to my belt making it more difficult to walk and take the many pictures that I like to take along the way. I like to hike using two walking poles but with the dogs, I can only use one. The poles not only help my balance but also my walking speed. Back at the old house, I could leave them as they had a doggie door for both exercise and natures calls. Cannot do that in my RV which is why they always come with me. Oh well, we just got to make adjustments as we age. That is what life is all about, learning how to do things a little different to make it all work. 
Today is a beautiful sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. The Park is very quiet with hardly any activity going on as people enjoy their weekend. I sat at the computer and worked on the blogs. Somehow, I had managed to get some of them out of sequence and it took quite a while before I finally had them straightened out. I tend to write several at a time before adding the photos. They get posted Monday thru Fridays. I reserve Saturday for the poems I write and then nothing is posted on Sundays. It took a couple of hours to straighten out my mess following which, as frustrated as I was, we all went out walking in the fresh air to clear the cobwebs from my overworked mind. 

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