The rock wall blends in perfectly.

Another quiet day here at the park. My next-door neighbor in the little Airstream moved out yesterday taking her wonderfully playful Boxer pup with her. That dog kept me amused for hours as I watched him play with his toys throwing them around and then doing it all over again. Gonna miss watching him. It turns out that the Airstream belongs to someone else, and she was renting it from them. Today, the owner and Malinda, the Park Super, moved the Airstream to the storage area freeing up the RV space for another resident. My other neighbor across the street that had all the repairs done, has dismantled his entry staircase and deck and has them loaded in the new carryall that he had installed a couple of days ago. It looks like they will be moving soon as well. Such is the life in an RV park.  

RVs are built to move which is why many people live in them to travel and see this great country. Others have them as their homes set up in some RV park on a more permanent basis. Whatever the choice, living permanently in an RV is not for everyone. Twice as hard if there are more than one of you or a family. For one thing, the space is very small and confined and it is quite easy to get on one another’s nerves with no place to escape, except outdoors. For another, constantly traveling around and all that goes along with it can be a real chore. Of course, we do not have that problem as there is only me, Mikey, and Sandy, my two little travelling companions and we restrict our travelling by staying in the RV parks for a week or longer.  
Originally, we were scheduled here for two months having business and medical appointments, but I decided that we should stay another month through the end of February, which is a short month anyway, before heading in the general direction of Fort Plain, New York where I have relatives I want to visit. That will not be a rush trip as we plan to make lots of stop along the way. After that, who knows except I will not winter out anywhere up north. Been there, done that. 
We finished off the day in our usual fashion with a walk around the park in an effort to not only give the dogs exercise but also for me as well. It is really easy with nothing special to do just to sit around and that is not a good thing especially as I grow older. The day ended in the usual way with food and television. I found a spin off to Yellowstone named 1886 and watched the first 6 episodes of it. Life was tough back then and we think we have it hard. Give me a break. 

Written 01/31/2022 – Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com