01/31/2022 Monday

Sure, would like to be walking this trail today

It rained in the night hard enough to wake me but not for very long as I rolled over and fell asleep safe in the knowledge that Miss Daisy would protect us from the elements. Well, most of them anyway. It had left off when we finally crawled out of bed to face the day but was very overcast and the skies were very threatening. Taking the opportunity, we went out for our mornings walk covering almost a mile walking the outside road where we had previously spotted the buzzards. There was little left of the sheep’s carcass except bones and lots of wool. Such is the way of Nature and her own re-cycling efforts. Nothing wasted in her world unlike its human inhabitants who do not know the meaning of the word. 
I fully expected my older neighbor to have left this morning, but he is still here. Maybe waiting for tomorrow which is the first of the month and a normal travelling day for those that are not constantly on the move. We do have overnight frosts forecast starting Thursday all the way through the following Wednesday, almost a full week meaning that we will need to follow the usual freeze precautions like disconnecting the water at night and making sure our freshwater tanks have sufficient water for overnight use. The freeze is not expected to extend into the day, just overnight. It was February of last year when we had the worst winter in living history for Texas. Sure, do not need another like that. 

Miss Daisy is brand new and is a 2021 model. The only reason I went that route was that she was the only one available when I was looking for a Class C and she had most of what I was looking for. The “new” part was a bonus and of course, an added cost. Like all “new” things in the automotive line, they do not come without their problems and Miss Daisy is no exception. Even though some are covered under warranty, there is still the other problem of scheduling a date and time to get the repairs done. It is even worse in the RV industry as it is going through its own boom period. Consequently, when I called the RV dealership today to try to get the radio repaired or replaced along with the hub cap, the earliest that they could fit me in is May, later this year, 4 months from now. How do we do that if I plan to travel to New York State? I guess I could try to find a Ford dealership that could do the work sooner and hope they honor the warranty. If not, I will pay for it just to get the work done. I can live without the hub cap, but the radio is also my map and direction finder and is really a necessity. I have had to use my phone which although very adequate, does have a small screen. Amazing that as trouble free as my life should be, there is always something to add to the frustration. I wonder if they would do the work any quicker if it was a blown engine or something just as serious? 
Taking a few deep breaths to relax myself. I thanked the guy I was talking to and hung up to consider my alternatives, which consist mostly of finding a Ford dealer that can fit me in without keeping the RV overnight or an RV repair place although it is a Ford problem and not an RV problem. At least I have a plan going forward. We have not had a wet, rainy day in some time but today is just that with intermittent showers and cloudy skies, a great day to be indoors which we did until it was time for the afternoon walk around the park. 

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