02/02/2022 Wednesday

One of the ponds I left behind.

Today is the second day of the second month of 2022. 02/02/2022, a date I will never see again in my lifetime. The other even more novel one that is coming up will be 02/22/2022. That is a lot of 2’s and in 200 years’ time will be full deck of 2’s or at least as many that are possible under our calendar. 
On our walk around this morning, Daniel, the Park Super stopped to chat with me and make a fuss of Sandy. She recognizes his Four-Wheeler and heads towards him, so he pulls over and they say hello. She does this every time she sees the vehicle. We chatted about the upcoming weather and the precautions to take before moving on. I do not need to do anything until later today and then it will consist of half filling the freshwater tank and disconnecting and draining the hose. It looks from the weather forecast that the freezing weather will only be at night and not during the day, which is a help, but it is scheduled to last at least 5 nights.  

With nothing planned for the day, I sat in front of the computer and made a couple of appointments for next week before continuing with the blog. I have probably mentioned this before that I use Word to write as it does all kind of wonderful things with grammar and suggestions. I guess we all write by habit which can be repetitious, so I welcome the suggestions especially if it makes the blog more interesting.  
I watched as the Airstream that pulled in yesterday across from me, hooked back up with help from other male campers and Melinda and moved to one of the more permanent sites in the new section. It helped that the owner was a pretty lady I guess in her thirties which would account for all the help although I am quite sure that those same people would help any of us if it were required. Yesterday, another Airstream that had been parked on the lower section for a few days suddenly appeared alongside me taking the spot vacated by my Boxer friend. So, it appears they are here for a while as their site is considered a permanent site. No Boxer dog to amuse me though. The weather is dull with rain showers as we head towards the cold front tonight, but I harnessed up the dogs and putting on my heavy coat, we braved the rain and cold and made a trip around the park. They did not care, only glad to be out. We did not do too bad as with the morning and afternoons walk, we covered a mile in miserable conditions. 
The rest of the day was spent in the usual manner with food for us all followed by TV watching until it was time to go to bed. 
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