02/03/2022 Thursday

Icicles in Texas on Miss Daisy.

It started to rain as I was going to bed which was not a good thing as there is a deep freeze warning for the early morning hours and sure enough, when I awoke, the ground was covered with ice and a light dusting of snow. I harnessed up the dogs but the minute I opened the door, I knew we were not going to walk very far as the rain had frozen and the ground and the road were covered in ice. We settled for the green patch outside of the RV and the dogs did their thing before they and I were glad to get back into the warmth of Miss Daisy. Needless to say, we have no plans for the day except to stay warm. 

I spent time working on the blog and took a couple of pictures of the view from inside. There are even icicles from the snow on the roof that has melted, on the front windshield. A couple of brave people have walked by heading for the laundry room which is closed for the day because of the weather. The water in the park has also been turned off and will not go back on until tomorrow, weather permitting, which is why we filled our freshwater tank yesterday. One truck pulled in that was covered in snow and icicles and had obviously braved the roads outside. Who knows why? When I look outside and compare in my mind, some of the snow falls and ice storms that I was unfortunate to live through the first 10 years of my time here in America in New York State, what we have is nothing. The problem is that forty-five years of living here in Texas with mostly mild winters, at least up to these past couple of years, has spoilt me. Now, I am a Wimp regarding the weather just the same as the rest of the Texas population and I will take the hundred-degree summer heat anytime. That is until it actually gets here and then I will wish for more like this. We humans are never satisfied or maybe it’s just me. 

I spent the rest of the day working on the blog. Turns out that I managed to get myself confused on the posting dates and had to spend time in straightening out my mess, again. This is the second time this has happened, a sure sign that I am growing old. I got it sorted in the end and was able to continue with the writing. I noticed that even though the temperature never got above freezing throughout the day, the ice on the roads melted away. Must be that the blacktop holds in some heat. As the afternoon wore on, the clouds began to dissipate but not completely as it was still a bit cloudy but much brighter although we never got to see the sun. Meanwhile, the icicles on Miss Daisy’s windshield grew longer and longer as the ice thawed off the roof. I noticed that they are not hanging straight down but are sloping off to the right a little which either means that the wind is blowing them in that direction or that Miss Daisy is no longer level. Something I need to check tomorrow. and maybe push a few buttons to re level her up.

We went out for the afternoon walk and the wind had a real chill to it. My face was very cold but my legs wearing shorts, were simply fine. Even the Super commented on my wearing shorts, but I just laughed it off. We covered a mile for the day which is not bad considering the conditions. 

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