02/05/2022 Saturday

Cool Trail

I had left the electric heater on overnight to help compensate for the RV heaters and Miss Daisy was nice and warm when we crawled out of bed. It did little to help outdoors as it was still freezing when we went out for the first walk of the day. The heavy jacket did the trick for me, and the dogs were very frisky obviously enjoying the wintry weather. Our success is judged in how many times, they “go” and today was an outstanding day. Hell of a thing when success is measured by dog poop. We covered our usual half mile before returning to Miss Daisy for breakfast and coffee. 
I had stopped filling the birdfeeders as I discovered that I was feeding the deer instead which accounted for the feeders being emptied overnight. I have plans for a couple of modifications but have not gotten around to it yet, so I decided that I would fill the feeders for our feathered friends during this cold snap and chance feeding the deer. Today, the birds started to visit again making the most of the free food and a welcome sight for me. So far, the deer have not paid us a visit. 

The park is quiet as it is Saturday with a few people doing their laundry. It is easy to spot the laundry goers as they walk by in the same direction with their hampers of clothes. In an hours’ time, they will walk by again and then do it all over in a second hour as it takes two hours to do a load. Then they come trudging back carrying their clean laundry, good for another week or two. If they are single men like me, then good for two weeks, or in my case, until I run out of shorts, underpants, and tee shirts but if there are women involved, then only a week as they tend to be a little fussier on how long to wear something. Not saying that men are slobs about clean clothes, but we are not as picky in wearing something more than once. After all, isn’t that what camping is all about? 
The temporary spots in front of me are all empty with the last one pulling out early this morning. This is surprising as usually; the weekends are when they seem to fill up. Most full-time campers tend to travel through the week, staying overnight at various locations and finding a campground for the weekend. Mine is a very nice, blacktopped site on the end of the row. I have an Airstream on my left which just moved in, and a vacant site far left behind me. I miss the antics of the Boxer dog that lived in the Airstream that previously pulled out though as he kept me amused, tossing his toys around. 
The rest of the day was spent writing and then going for the final walk of the day.in which we covered 1.6 miles. 

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