02/08/2022 Tuesday

The view towards the bottom of the park which is the “new” section.

We got up late, surprise, surprise not having anything planned for the day. After yesterday, it was good to be back in my usual routine of not doing very much although, that is not really true. On the days I am not physically active, I always keep my mind busy working on the blog, writing poetry, or working on the pictures that I take. Sometimes, I listen to a story on Audiobooks, and I do have half a biography written, of the time that I lived in England. One of these days, I will get around to the American half of the story. Do not know why as no one will read it because it will never get published. 
We went out for our walk and then had breakfast before settling down in front of the computer. Well, that is what I did. The dogs found their usually place and went to sleep. What a life both for me and them. I wrote for quite a while before they reminded me that it was time to go walkies. It had warmed up quite considerably through the day and I debated on a jacket for the afternoon walk. I decided against it until we got outside, and I made a quick about turn to grab one, it was chilly in the shade but still nice in the sun. 
We took the long walk that goes past the two dogs previously mentioned and I could hear them barking somewhere invisible to us. Other than that, the walk was not a bit unusual except for the amount of beer cans littered along the road. I imagine it is one of the locals that throws them out as they are pretty much all the same brands, and the road is a loop and does not go anywhere. Wonder why some people just can’t clean up their trash and think it’s OK to toss it out of the car window. Such a shame that there are people like that in the world. On the way back, one of my much younger neighbors and her dog passed us on their way back from walking. They walk faster than we do, (everybody walks faster than we do) and it’s not all because I am old and take short steps. A lot of it is Miss Sandy always stopping to smell the roses and Mikey peeing on every blade of grass.  
We managed to cover 1.8 miles for the day. 
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Henly RV Park Day 10
02/09/2022 Wednesday

The one fixed dwelling in the park. There is probably a story behind this one.

We have nothing planned for the day, but we did get up early and as we usually do, took the first walk of the day. I noticed was the three campers that travel together have gone. They told me that they were only here for 3 days and are on their way to Florida. Interesting that the 3 of them do that together although they are longtime friends. I wonder how it is on the road all trying to keep up and do they rotate the lead RV like the birds do to act as the windbreaker for the other two. Just kidding as they do not drive that close as it is not a safe practice. There is a need to allow for other faster traffic to pull in between as the driving conditions dictate. I wish them the best of luck on their travels, but they are old hands at this having driven down from Minnesota on this trip. Who knows where they have been before? 

After the adventures yesterday filling Miss Daisy with propane, I noticed that the thermostat reads Centigrade instead of Fahrenheit and I had to do some scouting around to find a conversion table as I had no idea how to change it back. I suspected that pushing and holding buttons would do the job but that did not work so today, I contacted James, the RV repair mechanic, and he suggested holding both temperature buttons at the same time. That was one I had not done so nothing ventured and all that, I did as he suggested and lo and behold, it now reads Fahrenheit. Thank you, James. Something else to store away in my knowledge base, that is if I can remember in the future. 

Today is a beautiful sunny day with the temperature forecast to reach at least 70 degrees. Not bad for February. and the rest of the week looks good. But this is Texas, and the weather can change overnight. At least we are through with the latest cold snap, but it was the end of the month when we got all that severe weather last year, one we shall never forget. 
I need to start thinking about my future plans, where to go and so on as I head towards New York State. Obviously, I do not want to drive into any form of bad weather and March is also renowned for its share of that, especially in the Northern States. When we got off the Queen Mary from England on March 13, all those years ago and made our way to Fort plain, New York where my mother lived, it snowed 13 inches of wet snow that evening, Welcome to America. The plan is to drive North but I have not decided what route to take, central or east coast and I need to do some research on that. I have driven the central route before a couple of times in a car from NYS to Texas and back but that is a lot different as you can stop at any Hotel/Motel without making any reservations. Not a bit like travelling in an RV when everything must be planned ahead, even the roads that you take. It is not easy backing up or turning around an RV when you have a tow vehicle behind you and in fact requires unhooking it. Much easier to have a planned route that outlines and avoids any such obstacles like low bridges and dirt roads and even some Interstates. I use RV Trip Wizard for all my trips and so far, have not been led astray. Incidentally, on my last trip back in the Fall of last year, I drove about a hundred miles between campsites after calling ahead and making reservations except for the last stop. Because I really liked Rock’n E RV Park, I opted to stay there an extra couple of weeks and delay the travelling to Henly choosing to drive 260 miles in one day. Turns out that it was way too long and uncomfortable, and the 100-mile trips are a much better length. It requires a lot of concentration to drive an RV of any description and is a bit like driving a long-haul truck and can be very tiring. Now if Miley or Sandy could drive and take their turn…. Maybe one could steer and the other work the gas. 
Trip planning is a lot of work but can be a fun, and it requires much research as to choosing which camp sites to stay at. I read a lot of the comments that other campers say about any site I may be looking at and of course, I am not interested in “roughing it” requiring all the hook ups. I like to find a site with trails whenever possible as it makes walking a lot more fun and unless not practical, prefer at least a week’s stay at each site. It I really like the site; I opt to stay longer. After all, the fun is in the adventure and nonstop driving all over the country does not give one much of an opportunity to enjoy it especially if you are the only one doing the driving. You just cannot site see out of the window while at the wheel. 

When I start to write, the time flies by so fast it’s incredible. Each day is so much shorter than when I was a working man. Here we are almost a third of the way through the month with only 19 more days before we move on. Or at least, that is the plan which is flexible. All my business is taken care of here in town and I have no more appointments that I know of. I bought Miss Daisy so I could travel much easier and that is what we are going to do although the lazy part of me would be happy staying here in one place. Get thee behind me and all that stuff. 

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