02/11/2022 Friday

Another beautiful sunny day here in Henly. It was already warm when we went out walking, but we did not see much on our travels except a herd of deer. We walked the lanes and did very well covering almost 1.5 miles before returning to Miss Daisy for breakfast. The two dogs were out and greeted us warmly barking like crazy. Well, the big hound did but the fat little pug only croaks and does not have a real bark anyway.  
Unlike yesterday, I had no chores that needed doing so after breakfast and a little tidying up, I settled down to write and work on the few pictures that I have recently taken. I then posted them on different blogs and posted the blogs onto the website. All of this takes time and is not helped by the fact that the WordPress program that I use to post the blogs kept messing one of them up. I’m sure it was the program, couldn’t possibly be my error, could it? I finally got it straightened out and am now caught up with the exception of the one I am writing. I am posted out through March 3rd and I’m thinking that when I hit the road again and unless I stay longer than overnight, my writing time will be impacted and there will be a lot of catch up to do. Thats down the road a bit so I will worry about it later.

Today was a quiet day with nothing planned except to exercise the dogs which is a focal point of every day. My life revolves around them and their needs and in return, I get their love and companionship. I thought seriously about going into town but put it off to another day. I can always find something to eat and food to me is just a necessity so usually, almost anything will do. Plus, my tastes are very simple. 

There are now a couple of RVs in the temporary lots in front of me. One is an Airstream owned by a young lady who travels alone with just her older grey snouted dog and the other is a Class A operated by a much older gentleman. He moves slow but is still able to set up the unit. He has a wife who is more agile than he is. Quite a contrast in owners.

I looked at the clock and it already says 4:30. I have no idea where the time goes as my life slips away. Funny but as I grow older, stuff like that doesn’t bother me as much as when I was younger. It’s as though my brain has accepted that my body has slowed down and doesn’t keep sending out the prompts as it did when I was younger. Things like, “You are wasting time or get busy and do something”. As I wrote this, my friend BJ called me just to chat and catch up on the latest going on. She is my walking buddy, but we have not been out for several months due to various reasons one of which is her hurting her knee which has taken some time to heal.

I started thinking about Miss Daisy and the faults that I find with her. Things like the lack of space and the poor kitchen arrangement all due to the confined area, I am always bumping into the fixed furniture resulting in bruises and scratches. She is easy to drive and even easier to set up but has her drawbacks and when the time comes to permanently park her somewhere when my driving days are over, I really would like something little more spacious. I started looking online at the same place that I have purchased all three of my RV’s, Crestview, to see what they might have that would suit my needs and located one used unit. I made a note of what I found to follow up tomorrow. 

We went out for our final walk of the day and managed to cover 2.5 miles. 

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