02/12/2022 Saturday

The weather has turned cold again, and we cut the mornings walk short because I did not have the right jacket on. I hate cold weather and it is supposed to be cool for a couple of days with frosts overnight. That will mean disconnecting the water supply again each evening. At least it will not freeze through the day. The sun is shining but the wind is blowing hard and cold. 

I got back online to follow up on the research that I started yesterday trying to find Miss Daisy’s possible replacement and after an hour or so, located a used Class A in Georgetown that might suit our needs. I called Michael, the salesperson that sold me Miss Daisy and worked out a deal which is based on what I see tomorrow when I go to look at the new to me, unit. If it works out, I will probably make the purchase but will not pick it up until next week. The hard part in all of this is that I will have to pack up everything inside of Miss daisy in boxes and I think that with a couple of exceptions, I will stack it up at this campsite and cover everything with a couple of tarps. I certainly do not want to go through the exceedingly long performance that happened when we transferred the same items individually from the Eagle to Miss Daisy the last time around. I think that hopefully, all that will need to be transferred will be the contents of the refrigerator. It was almost 10:00 pm at night before we finished that project last time and I drove back to Henly late in the evening and had to set up in the dark. This time, I will make an early start to get it all done and be back here in plenty of time and I also do not have a fifth wheel to mess around with that took me 45 minutes of trouble the last time just to hook up. 

I wrote some more in the blog before taking the dogs walking. It was still very cold but this time I had my heavy jacket on. We walked 1.5 miles for the day. Knowing that it was going to freeze this evening, I shut off the water at the standpipe after putting some in the freshwater tank and covered the filter with a Planket and adjourned back to Miss Daisy for the evening. BTW, if I do purchase a different RV, it will not be named “Miss Daisy” to replace this one. If the RV goes, so does the name… 

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Henly RV Park Day 13 February
02/13/2022 Sunday

Lake Texana

Sunday, the big day as this when I will look at another RV that is a bit bigger inside with more living space. I got up early knowing that I had a lot to do and took the dogs out for their usual morning walks. Regardless of what I have going on, they always come first, and Sandy in particular, really lives for the time outside as she snuffles along with nose to the ground and weeing on anything she thinks needs it. Mikey is a bit like me, we gotta do what she wants us to do although he does sniff around and do his share of watering the grass. 

I made sure that everything was secure before making the long drive of 70 miles to Georgetown. There I met up with Michael, the salesperson that has worked with me before with Miss Daisy and he spent an hour showing me the one I was interested in. It took a while, but I decided that we would make the swap and I would trade in Miss Daisy for the new to me, one. This is a 2017 Forest River; Georgetown model and I will call it Mr. George for very obvious reasons. I went back in years to get this one from a 2021 to a 2017 model but with only 5000 miles on it, mechanically it would be OK. Class A’s are much more expensive anyway depending on the model and there are custom ones that cost a million dollars or more. Probably come complete with a driver or should at that price. The usual price for a new one starts around $150,000 and goes up from there. With the choices made and the knowledge of the amount of Cashier’s check I need when I came back to complete the deal, I drove back to Henly full of thoughts of my new purchase. By the way, none of the RV’s that I have purchased included any form of test drive although I suppose it might have been possible to arrange one. The sellers assume that anyone that is interested either has big rig experience or the ability and confidence to handle something that size or they would not be interested. 

Back at Miss Daisy, the first thing was to take the dogs walking followed by the usual evening’s meal and entertainment. 

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