02/14/2022 Monday

I got up early as I knew we had a busy day ahead as today was a packing day in Miss Daisy. After our usual walk and breakfast, I began the task of packing things into boxes to be stacked outside on the grass in order to alleviate the amount of stuff that I would have to transfer from one unit to the other. The last time when I swapped out the Eagle for Miss Daisy even with the help of my friend BJ, it was dark and around 10:00 pm by the time I was ready to hit the road. Not a lot of fun setting up in the dark knowing that I would have to set up all over again the next day to get it right. There was a huge stack of plastic totes which I covered with a couple of tarps just in case. Out of site and all that.  

I worked on this project all day packing boxes and hauling them out of the door only leaving things that would be quickly transferred or so I thought which I would find out more about the next day. I finally called it quits and took the dogs walking just for a break. I never knew that I had so much stuff and the vast amount was in the storage areas underneath and the bunk area overhead which alone contained six large totes. I left these figuring they would be easy to move to Mr. George. That turned out to be a mistake as I should have unloaded them with the other stuff. 

After doing as much as I could for the day, we called it quits. 

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Farewell Miss Daisy

02/15/2022 Tuesday

Today I was planning on trading in Miss Daisy for Mr. George and got up early not wanting to make the same mistake as before. We took a short walk and an even shorter breakfast before going about the task of unloading the last of what I could to leave at the park. BJ wanted to come and help again, and I will always be indebted for her friendship and willingness but unfortunately, she had a doctor’s appointment which coincided with the trade in time.  

Finally, thinking that I had unloaded all that I could, I raised the jacks and put the dogs in the cab with me and we took off. The drive was uneventful, and I pulled into Crestview about 12:30 pm. It took another hour and a half for me to sign my life away, again… and finally, I was the owner of a 2017 Class A that I named Mr. George. That was the easy part which was quickly followed by the hard part of transferring the plastic totes which is made harder by having to climb down one set of steps and then up another to get into the other RV. It is tiring work and luckily my friend BJ showed up as if by magic which made the process go a lot faster. Even so with her help, it was almost 5:30 before I drove out of there. The sun was setting, and I was driving straight into it and with the huge windscreen on the Class A, made for extremely uncomfortable driving. Just before I left, I realized that I had left my clip-on shades in the other RV and had to hop out to retrieve them. Reminded by the sun in my eyes. 

It was interesting driving that big rig for the first time and for me, remembering driving skills from a long time ago as it was more than forty years when I drove tractor trailer. One does not forget the skill learned back then and they quickly came back to me. I also learned things like acceleration or lack of and braking power for the heavy rig in a very short time. It was a seventy-mile trip back to Henly and just like the last two times, I arrived back in the dark. I could not find my flashlight anywhere and had to call Melinda, the Park Super, who brought over a head set which was even better. She offered to help set up, but I thanked her and continued alone. It did not take too long as it was going to be a temporary job just for overnight with a more permanent one for the next day. I set the automatic levelling system after hooking up the power chord followed by the water and sewer hose. Even though it was dark, we went out for one more short walk around the park before retiring inside for the rest of the evening. 

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